After the word break: What was actually from,. Andrea Ypsilanti?.

That’s too bad, because you would like to talk to you. About how things just what role has found it for themselves and what has she actually still in Hesse,. in politics. Questions again and again posed by many in her party, since the memorable November 3, 2008. Andrea Ypsilanti was a star in the social democracy. She succeeded with a progressive course to teach a bad defeat Roland Koch and the Hesse CDU in January 2008. But then she forgot a campaign promise, all of a sudden wanted to vote with the help of the left party in the Office of the Prime Minister leave and went down on their own people. It was a disaster for the SPD, its name became the cipher for the political word break. It is attempting to build a new political life to the drama over six years ago. Beliefs do not just stop. As in the past she fights for a fair employment, a determined environmental policy and a modern family policy. But the return to normality is difficult, which is certainly also due to her party. The SPD shows a special hardship in dealing with people who have harmed the own thing. The list of examples is long, ranging from Kurt Beck to Thilo Sarrazin. Instead, it will be defiantly. Red Red Green, the Alliance for a left riser, was her project, and it still is. If she are – not often happens – publicly expressed, then the topic should not be missed. She looks as if she wants do everything yet again just as they did. Some comrades are now heavily annoyed them or simply wonder why Ypsilanti not want to realize that she is no credible instance in the question of left alliances. After the most recent regional elections she gave an interview the new Germany, where she advises the country SPD for forming a coalition with leftists and Greens. A few weeks later, she lamented the exclusion of the left party in a guest post for the Friday. Saeed had to suddenly unpleasant questions to red red-green. At the end were the Greens into the arms of the Union. . For extended insights on this subject click info.

Marine Le Pen refers back to back Israel and the Hamas.

Expected stance for several weeks, and it is thing made. Back on BFM TV on Thursday morning after a period of media diet, Marine Le Pen explained his silence about the crisis in the Middle East and its consequences in France: "I don’t feel no obligation to comment on a position that has not changed in the national Front. She assured him, there is no divergence of line to the FN on the clashes of teal and beards on the margins of pro-Palestinian rally: "the French know what we think (,.) We fight against communitarianism, against the emergence of communities must be located in competition and even conflict. The FN President condemns "the importation of external conflict in the national territory" and regretted the emergence of a "multi-conflictuelle society". Riots resulting in her political cocktail implemented by Nicolas Sarkozyet François Hollande, and composed "of multiculturalism", of "laxity of the authorities in the maintenance of order" and a "policy of mass immigration. On the background of the Israeli-Palestinian dossier, Marine Le Pen referred to the positions expressed in the programme of the FN. It calls for two States in the boundaries defined by international law since 1967 and returns back to back the belligerents: "Israel has the right to ensure the security and Palestine has the right to sovereignty". According to her, the wrongs are shared: it accuses Israel "the choice of the bombing rather than the ground operation in Gaza", and Hamas inability to "implement the protection of civilian populations. . For extended insights regarding this subject click


MILANO-final hours for the rescue of Alitalia, which responded to Etihad in the night with a letter containing the final details of the proposed marriage between the two airlines. As we learn, in fact, is playing tonight Italian carrier’s letter to Abu Dhabi. In addition, the Board of Directors of the Italian company was summoned for tomorrow morning: on the agenda, among other things, there are more 50 million capital increase (to bring it from 250 up to 300 m) to be approved later in the meeting. In short, the latest pieces are moving, even if the Italian partners are still doing their assessments on new form of saving, as it took the body in the last few hours. I’m going to be part of the appropriate verifications and Atlantia assessments about the viability of the structure, the equal treatment of shareholders and corporate and economic impacts of the entire operation. So the company controlled by the Benetton family, which has a share of belly 7.4 percent of the airline in addition to Rome’s airports and highways, on the assumption of agreement reached on a new structure and participation in the capital increase of the Italian carrier. A few hours from the expiration of the ultimatum by Etihad, which must come in with a 49% stake in Alitalia by investing 560 million, it is defined the corporate structure that would accommodate both old and new members. By the Italians, with banks Intesa and Unicredit collection, newcomers of Poste Italiane and the Benetton, will be subscribed to a capital increase of 300 million (expanded from the initial 250). The old Alitalia/Cai members and posts (which will invest 70 million and be held in the afternoon a cda) but give birth to a new company in which the company of the letters led by Francesco Caio will invest without getting paid by the previous disputes and losses of the old Alitalia. In turn, this will be the 51% midco of capital of the new Alitalia, the newco real which is also owned by Etihad to 49%. In short, the financial and corporate structure that legal experts are calling-to accommodate post requests in the first place-is far more complex than the initial plan. That is also why there are those who fear that the Eu will become more sloppy. In any case, Atlantia reserves, also through comparison with other partners, any assessment regarding, specified in his note, stressing that it remains the full support to the project of integrating Alitalia-Etihad. In relation to the agreement on the new structure, the company explains that only yesterday morning was assumed a new operation structure, significantly different from what was previously discussed. . For extended about this subject visit

Russia needs an economic miracle.

The long-term consequences are more serious. The official policy of the EU and the USA aims to oust Russia from the market of hydrocarbons in Europe. Add to that the technological boycott and blocking long-term external financing channels and seen that the challenge will be difficult. Number of crucial economic sectors depend to 50-80% of imports. In some respects, the dependence of the Russia to imports of equipment, technologies, medicines and techniques of consumption has exceeded the critical threshold. A large part of research and foreground technology centres has been lost. This is a difficult period that lies ahead. The damage cannot be repaired in a year or two. There could be temporary truces with Western countries. It could be a few steps backward, but the wounds inflicted by the recent events and sanctions are deep. The rise of Russia at the same level of integration into the international community could ask for 10 to 15 years. Of course, if its economy strengthened, it is launch in a modernization of catch-up, would remain an open market and could improve the standard of living of the population. The Russia would become more honest and éradiquerait corruption. On the other hand, if the concentration of political risks around the Ukraine continues, and as the conflict worsened, the situation would be more the same. The bridge of hydrocarbons EU-Russia could be affected. Which would necessarily explosions of financial instability and significant tensions in the economic structure of the EU. Europe would then become the epicenter of a new crisis economy and financial. Sanctions and the events in Ukraine are pure geopolitics. The world order is still a fight between parties. A chessboard. Empires disappear, others are strengthening. Each pushing the other. A multipolar world is taking place today and the country are in a race toiled to their sphere of influence.   The final distribution of the forces is still unknown. The answer will be known in a decade. . For additional facts on this subject check

That would be a horror: Argentina will not pay.

The negotiations between Argentina and a group of relentless bondholders failed. As reported by a mediator appointed by the Court, the talks ended without result on Wednesday. Thus, the country is immediately before the second sovereign default in 13 years. The appropriate deadline clock (CET) ran out in the early morning at 6 00. Representatives of the Argentine Government and the creditor side had on Tuesday and Wednesday for hours in New York trying to negotiate a debt deal. Economy Minister Axel Kicilloff occurs as negotiators of Argentina. The camp of investors is headed by the US hedge funds NML capital, which belongs to Elliott Management Corp. The hedge funds were not willing, to go on the offers of the Argentine Government, which proposed a scheme along the lines of the 2005 and 2010 debt agreements, called Kicillof the background of the failed negotiations. They want more (money), and they want it now, said the Minister in New York. Argentina will continue to pay its debts, said Kicillof. But his country will make no commitments, which threatened the future of the country and its citizens, and the majority of creditors in danger bring the multibillion-dollar debt restructuring agreements in 2005 and 2010. The Argentines could be reassured. Tomorrow will be another day, and the world goes on. Argentina wants to avoid far worse with his hard attitude towards hedge funds. Because if Buenos Aires in the dispute would give up and settle the claim in full, Argentina through contractual clauses feels obliged to give same conditions of the vast majority of creditors. Thus, up to three-digit billions would be invoked and the agreements for the debt cut from the years 2005 and 2010 in fact lapsed. This can not be stressed Kicillof. That would be a horror for the Argentines. . Inspirational data may be found visiting this

Car incentives, Government studies new formulas. No discounts, but tax exemption.

After the limited success of environmental di maggio, whose funds for individuals are sold out in a few days, the Government has studied new formulae to encourage the renewal of the car fleet. This was announced by Transport Minister Maurizio Lupi, explaining that for private cars will be "different instruments from classical incentives, on the model of tax exemption for buildings", while public transport want to intervene "on zero euros one euro and two euros, with tools that allow the renewal". Yesterday, on the sidelines of the presentation of the plan Anas on summer exodus, wolves said that "tomorrow or the day after by the Minister of development, Federica Guidi, we should arrive at a synthesis for both public and private media", because you need the renewal of our market, "the oldest of Europe". The Minister did not exclude that the provision is inserted in the decree reads Unlock Italy, but first he must be submitted to the Treasury.   Although not known the details, the de-taxation of buildings suggests that the Government is pondering the deductibility of expenditure devoted to the purchase and maintenance of cars. The first reactions of the automotive world are positive: Massimo Nordio, President of the Association of foreign houses in Italy, Unrae, and Angelo Sticchi Damiani, Aci, is said to favour, while the reaction of Philip Palmer Baig, President of Federauto, is more cautious. The dealers ‘ Association considers that the instruments of deductibility and deductibility are useful for businesses and tax exempt, but "would not work with the private sector, not least because, unlike in our building fund there is a ‘ swamped ‘ by bringing out". What is not entirely true, if in addition to the new car market considering that maintenance. Federauto asks then Wolves to do soon, to avoid the risk of creating an expectation that blocks a market already suffocated tissues ". The Italian auto market in the first six months of the year (756.818 registrations) is a slight recovery (+3.3%) compared to the first half of 2013, but the projections on the year ( -1.4 1.3 million vehicles) data, however, show the early 70. Still, the auto industry still employs 1.2 million people and invoice the 12% of GDP. Yesterday were released the results of a study of Anfia, the Association of the automotive industry, which reveals that over the past five years the taxation on cars and related services grew by 6.3%, while the market for new vehicles is down 39.8% ‘s (and hence the revenue from Ipt and VAT are collapsed of 30.2%) have increased the revenue from stamp duty cars (+4.6%) and from taxes on the use of vehicles (+13.2). In 2013, the tax levy on auto industry weighed to 70.5 billion euros, 16.5% of the total revenue: of these, well more than 58 billion (80 percent) are derived from the costs of vehicle use, first among all the excise duties on motor fuels, which weigh more than half (59% for petrol, 55% for diesel) of the price at the pump, ,. Root data can be found visiting this

Libya, Islamists take military base in Benghazi. France closed the Embassy.

Thirty French and British citizens evacuated by ship. Egyptians fleeing on buses. Over sixty Spaniards transported away aboard an airplane. The French Embassy was closed, the United States has been transferred under guard in Tunisia.  Fleeing from a country that now has exceeded the limit by weeks of civil war. While the Islamists take over the main military base in Benghazi, this is what is happening to the diplomatic personnel and foreign nationals present in Libya Jig in a new, civil war. I’m about a hundred victims of the last two weeks. The country explodes, and the capital are continuing fighting between rival militias battling for control of the airport. The flight of foreigners has lasted for days.  Yesterday, the Spanish Foreign Ministry announced that it had taken away by plane 60 people, adding that the Ambassador is still remained in Tripoli along with a reduced staff.  Lengthens the list of countries who have asked their citizens not to travel to Libya or to leave the country: Usa, United Kingdom, France, Holland, Germany, Egypt. The exodus of Egyptians fleeing on buses in Tunisia Even the Egyptians are trying to leave the country. According to the stataleMena Agency, The Egypt has doubled its personnel deployed on the border between Libya and Tunisia to help Egyptians to leave the country.  The staff of the Ministry, with buses, will launch the Egyptians fled towards the airport of Djerba which may reach Egypt, thus avoiding crossing the country by land. Tunisia fears exodus of Libyans: "we could close the border with Libya" the border between Libya and Tunisia could be closed "in case of extreme necessity". He said the Tunisian Foreign Minister, Munji Hamdi. The head of the Tunisian diplomacy pointed out that the Tunisian military presence on the borders between the two countries "is massive," and that "were taken all measures to prevent any emergency in case of passing refugees". While excluding the scenario that is witnessed in 2011 in Libya during the war, when hundreds of thousands of Libyans fled to Tunisia, Hamdi has expressed fears of "a considerable influx of Libyans because of the fighting going on." At the moment it is estimated that about 6,000 Libyan nationals who cross the border every day with Tunisia. Hamdi later revealed that Algeria Tunisia asked the convening of an urgent meeting of the Security Committee of the neighbouring countries to Libya, which will take place "soon". Benghazi’s main military base in the hands of the islamistiIl headquarters of the Libyan army special forces, the main military base in Benghazi, has fallen into the hands of Islamist groups, after several days of bloody fighting. The "Shura Council of the revolutionaries in Benghazi", an Alliance of Islamist and jihadist groups, announced that it had taken control of the base, then confirmed by army news.  "We have withdrawn from the army base after a heavy attack", told the Bbc the Libyan official Fadel al-Hassi. Monday, July 28 at least 38 people were killed in Benghazi in clashes between Libyan security forces and militias are active in the area.   Buccino Ambassador: "UN start reconciliation" "the situation is not hopeless." It is an appeal to hope that the Italian Ambassador in Tripoli Joseph Buccino Grimaldi. Interviewed by Qn, calls on the international community to act: "You must continue to call for the cease-fire. The United Nations should initiate a process of national reconciliation ".  Buccino Grimaldi focuses on the decision to stay in Tripoli, while other diplomats leave the country: "the presence of countries such as Italy, Great Britain, Spain and Malta is the demonstration that the political process is not dead," the Ambassador continued. "The decision to stay was made also because here there are approximately 800 240 Italian and Libyan-Italian". Buccino Grimaldi, the 2nd Libya can cannot suddenly is, but "our efforts must be to avoid the precipice. Which would make it possible to defend our interests, "geostrategic and economic" not only ". "If up to Gaddafi, the Italian presence was required, especially as regards the economy," the Ambassador continued, "today another reason for staying is that Lampedusa is one step away". . Related text can be found visiting article.

Ukraine: fighting again prevents access to the crash site.

Fighting between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian separatists in the East of the Ukraine have prevented again Wednesday the international investigators to visit the site of the crash MH17, announced the Dutch head of the mission for the repatriation of the bodies of the victims. Insecurity on the road and along the road is too large, said Pieter Jaap Aalbersberg, cited in a statement: this is what we have concluded on the basis of a recognition of the OSCE mission earlier in the day. It’s the fourth day in a row during which Dutch and Australian, unarmed police investigators, are unable to access the site, where bodies and personal effects of the victims and plane debris still lie. The Scouts of the OSCE (Organization for security and cooperation in Europe) have been blocked while they were en route to the crash site, according to the release. They were warned that there was gunfire on the road and along the road. Despite a cease-fire declared on the site of the crash, the fighting has intensified these last days in the sector. After having thought to alternative routes and the negotiations with the separatists, the OSCE decided to discontinue his reconnaissance mission, assured Mr. Aalbersberg. A Malaysia Airlines Boeing was shot down by a missile July 17 with 298 people aboard, including 193 Dutch and 28 Australians. 228 coffins have already taken to the Netherlands, where the identification process should occur. But a casket is not necessarily a victim. The safety is evaluated continuously, we will continue to try to go on the site of the crash the next few days, but the big question is whether security will improve, explained Professor Aalbersberg. . For more data on this subject visit

Reforms, fat Kangaroo regulation Council convenes. Sparks Pd-Sel.

The party of Vendola is refused to withdraw the nearly six thousand amendments to the Bill and today the same Vendola uses harsh words against the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, Grasso convened the Committee on the rules of procedure in order to address the issue of the so-called rule of kangaroo. Grasso Called at 10. 30 the Committee on the rules of the Senate, as well as asked by pi parties yesterday, to tackle the problems also advanced this morning, announced fat, after some speeches in the Chamber of Senators of the majority and the opposition, After the convening of the Committee on the rules of procedure, the Plenary session on reforms has been suspended. The discussion in the first half-hour of sitting have spoken several senators to ask the President of the Senate on the explanations of classroom jobs. The dem Massimo Mucchetti and Paolo Corsini, but also the exponent of PI Mario Mauro have expressly requested clarification about the use of ‘ kangaroo ‘ to a delicate matters such as constitutional. What is the rule of The Kangaroo ‘ kangaroo ‘ a technique used for the thinning of the amendments, which it considers to be outdated amendments similar to those already voted and cos of ‘ jump ‘ to subsequent operations. Yesterday afternoon Fat has applied this mechanism to the amendments to article 1 of the constitutional Bill and his decision did decay 1. 400 amendments to the text. The opposition protested and demanded that the ruling junta is subject to regulation, convened this morning by the President of the Senate. Vendola Porter of breaking the Democratic Party, unilaterally, he practiced through the voice of Undersecretary lots, said the leader of Sel, Nichi Vendola, speaking with reporters in Bari. We want to understand exactly, he added, if the Pd chose a strategic alliance and long term with the right. This of course-he concluded-would change everything. We would also be very badly affected but the consequences. On reforms-had said yesterday-Lots going on, even after August 8. And again: it seems to me that if you have a position of principle that we do not agree with but that we respect. clear that in my opinion this preclude any future Alliance, especially in the territory. I don’t know about you, but I’m a political agreement with who destroys the paper wouldn’t. . Main facts can be read checking the following

The national team against Hackett with a letter that it would be better to avoid.

The full text of the letter reads as follows: ‘ we wish to clarify our position with respect to the incident involving Daniel Hackett. We do not want to be anyone’s judges. We are first and foremost people and professional athletes that their passion had the luck and the merit of making your own craft, preserving and nurturing love for the national team. Having heard several versions of what happened, we expected the denouement of the story to tell, we all know that, as they went really the facts. Everything only to defend and protect those who, every year, decides to spend the summer with passion at the service of the Blue Jersey. Come to respect certain rules means National; among these, communicate in due time and through the club’s medical staff, their physical condition; show up at the national meet and let the Blue medical staff can do their own evaluations. Daniel did not. Would have been enough to wait a few days and at that point would have been treated as always happens to every athlete summoned to Azure: if it is found that the physical conditions do not remain within the national player is allowed to return home. Then there are the unwritten rules among players and Daniel has violated. Between teammates there is a code of respect that he has broken. We ask and we respect from everyone as they recognise at all. If you do not depart from this assumption is difficult to construct virtuous paths and durable, impervious and routes but unclear. We would like to emphasize that in none National has ever been forced to play against their will, and medical and physical conditions of each were always carefully evaluated by medical and technical staff and each time have been studied therapeutic and recovery paths suited to the needs of each athlete. . Additional info can be found visiting url.