Thomas Mann and art: No eye man? Of ways!.

Maybe it took this much-quoted statement to prematurely at face value, the Managing Director of the Lübeck museums, Hans Wallingford, in the preface of the exhibition catalogue writes. An error, because a writer who looks after its guests with a box cutter, whose speed, appearance, Habitus, short: Very much A lot to their appearance then in his literary staff to depict, trust the eye. With this blind spot in Thomas studies on men, the exhibition wants to now clean up after extensive scientific reappraisal. However the exhibition in the entrance begins with other images of the Munich Pringsheim House, namely with three panels from the 1891 created thirteen wall frieze by Hans Thoma for the Music Salon. With the Lyra, the vehement Knight with two dogs and the younglings, wreaths of flowers at the Bower following are Orpheus in the exhibition for the contrasts between the medieval tradition of the North and the longing landscapes of the South, as the curator of Alexander Bastek – the Knights so for Lübeck, Orpheus and the youths for the Arcadian Munich. Interest in the dramatic developments in European modern art never had Thomas Mann, but at least he expressed his praise two sculptures by Ernst Barlach. And to the woodcuts from Frans Masereel, whom he had met by the Museum Director and art brokers Carl Georg Heise, he wrote the preface, in which it says that it must To give dignity and freedom, history and presence in the arts, and this mix even for the hours you’d realized in the artistry of Masereels on the happiest. . You must read this to discover extra on this amazing topic.

Article 18: what voted the Democratic Party and how it will change the world of work.

After a long discussion and tips definitely controversy (especially in the speeches by Pier Luigi Bersani and Massimo D’Alema), the national leadership of the Democratic Party has basically given the green light to the "new line" on labour policies and reform of the system of social shock absorbers. To sketch it, as we have said, the lengthy report of Council President Matteo Renzi, which if it is not made clear in the specific measures, figures and timing, did understand what the will of the Government: delete article 18 except in cases of discriminatory dismissals and disciplinary, universalize the protections for unemployment, extend certain protections to so-called insecure, open a table of concertation with trade unions, set a new law on representation and work towards the definition of the "minimum wage". 4. a discipline for economic layoffs that replace the uncertainty and the discretion of a trial with the clarity of a certain economic compensation and increasing with seniority, abolishing the possibility of reinstatement. The right to reinstatement is retained for discriminatory dismissals and disciplinary in nature, not justified by specific qualification of the case. Specifically, as regards the dismissals, Renzi has explained how the article 18 will remain only in cases of discriminatory dismissals and disciplinary (will probably be getting the judge to decide the existence of requirements for reintegration), while other cases will be provided only economic compensation (which will grow with the length of service). It is not yet clear if the discipline will apply also to the "old assumptions" (the orientation of the Directorate was of the opposite direction, but the text does not mention), nor is the discussion about detailed contracts. . For more information about this topic check

Train travel is in first class, and in the regional transport more expensive.

Berlin – Deutsche Bahn wants to turn only slightly at the end of the year the price screw. In mainline, there is no increase for the second class. Tickets for the first class from 14 December on average 2.9 percent more expensive, but then including seat reservation and in the ICE with Wi-Fi. The announced Homburg passenger transport Executive Ulrich on Monday in Berlin. In regional traffic increases the railway in an average of 1.9 percent. Naumann asked that the transport associations regulate their rates nationwide uniform. In regional traffic, the railway had 14 times as A lot of passengers like in ICE, InterCity and EuroCity last year. The bulk of the train rides is so despite the zero in the second class in the long-haul transport more expensive. The free Wi-Fi in the first class of the ICE is new as of 2015. Free Wi-Fi will likely to be 2016 introduced in second class. Initially, the railway must be technically able to cope with the volume of data expected, Homburg said. . Main source may be found clicking this

Business Network: Tfr in paychecks? Unthinkable.

At this stage of continuing difficulties for our production system, it is unthinkable that small businesses can support additional financial efforts, how to anticipate monthly part of severance pay to employees. After, only in the last year, a contraction of credit granted by the banking system of 5.2%, amounting to more than $ 8 billion, now small businesses would be asked to provide several billion in anticipation of Tfr. we are faced with the ‘ perfect fit ‘, if you want to lend a hand to close tens of thousands of small businesses who are resisting her limp from 6 years of crisis and defend thus thousands of jobs. Giorgio Merletti, President of Business Network and Confartigianato, Italy expresses strong concerns about the hypothesis put forward by the Government to include in the law a measure of stability aimed at anticipating the 50% payment of severance pay to workers in the private sector. According to the President Laces for the workers ‘ wages and severance pay deferred, per le imprese a long-term debt. You can’t call businesses to borrow to support the consumption of its employees. It should be stressed finally concludes lace-that the transfer of all the severance pay, or a portion thereof, in paychecks mean reset the possibility, for many workers, to build a decent supplementary insurance.   . For additional facts about this subject check

Strikes in Syria: coalition aims Daesh portfolio.

The coalition led by Washington in Iraq and Syria is not only military or strategic targets, but also from a few days of the oil infrastructure on the territories controlled by jihadists. How? Why? And most importantly, is it a success? Tall Abyad lies near the border with Turkey, North of the town of Raqqah, main bastion of the jihadist Group since September 23 by strikes the United States and its Arab allies. The coalition had already destroyed at least 12 refineries controlled by this extremist group between Thursday and Friday in the province oil of Deir Ezzor, in Eastern of the Syria, dominated largely by the IC. Indeed, experts believe that the IC controls seven oilfields and two refineries in the North of the Iraq and six of the ten fields in Syria, particularly in the region of Deir Ezzor. Thus, before the coalition strikes, je produced more oil than the Syrian Government. The Syrian Ministry of oil considers that the jihadists could extract 80. 000 barrels per day (BPD) while government production collapsed at 17. 000 b/d. However, according to Valérie Marcel, associate researcher at the Institute Chatham House in London, the EIS would only produce 50. 000 b/d in Iraq and Syria. Since the beginning of the strikes, pumping the fields controlled by the jihadist Group had practically ceased according to different sources. The Pentagon said that recent strikes on the wells of Mayadin and Abu Kamal in the South of the Valley of the Euphrates and al-Houl in the province of Hassakeh, more to the North, had dried up a production of 300 to 500 per day, Extended information can be found visiting

Top 14: Guy Novès, an angry man against arbitration.

After the fifth defeat in a row of the Stade Toulousain Friday against Bayonne (35-19), Guy Novès, the manager of a Stade Toulousain fell into the red zone, is a man angry with arbitration. Fallen three storeys. This is what happened to Guy Novès Friday night after the yellow card to Toulouse international row Yoann Maestri (10th) and Red collected by Hooker All Black Corey Flynn (22nd). The turning points of a match started well by Toulouse and that resulted in their fifth consecutive defeat, of not seen since 1962. . . Monday, after the workout, the boss of the red and black for more than twenty years arrived with his laptop, nose wearing small glasses. For redécortiquer the contentious images of the match against Bayonne. It starts to tire me out, denounces it. A yellow card, a red card. It’s been much, it loads the mule, continues Noves, who went up to evoke a contract on the players of the Stade Toulousain in the columns of Midi Olympique. Jean-Marc Doussain took not not a tackle, as said arbitrator of key, but a percussion to the shoulder and a brown in the throat. Yoann (Maestri) had this immediate reaction go no not assault but shoving the second line of 130 kilos (Senekal). Because the values of rugby, it is still it. I’m not for on fighting, far from it, but there is special attention compared to a player who is on the ground and takes a shot, I think it’s normal, he argues. Corey Flynn for his part took a kick in the c,. and nobody sees, gets carried away Noves. It is then forced to climb over the Bayonne player ashore and walking on his ankle during his advance, due to the red card inflicted New Zealand Hooker, this is not a dancer to make a big gap, quips the manager of red and black. Another reason for the anger of Noves against video arbitration: this test given to Bayonne Hooker Anthony Etrillard even though it is not because there is a player without ball percussion (Luke McAlister, on the edge of the grouping, Editor’s note). Before Bayonne, Guy Novès was already things to say of the refereeing corps – a always trust, taking to clarify – about the match lost to Ernest-Wallon against Clermont on September 13: test given (to Julien Bardy), one never sees the ball. Conversely, Toulouse had however prevailed at home a small point on the first day against Oyonnax (20-19), while a penalty in favor of the high-Bugistes, after a foul by Yannick Nyanga had not whistled after the mermaid,.-sticks in the wheels – for Noves, these problems of arbitration contribute fully to push the Stade Toulousain, already penalized by numerous injuries in the front line. If people have decided that mistakes committed by it, should punish them doubling and that others commit, should not punish them, if you put sticks in the wheels (to the players), on beautiful fight, which will be complicated,. But we will fight to the end, ensures Noves. Needed from the next two days against Stade French and Toulon to Ernest-Wallon. . For extra facts about this topic visit

E-cigarette: Marisol Touraine error.

Though full of spirit and character, Marisol Touraine comes to yield, by conviction or for tactical reasons, to a frankly obscurantist temptation. It wants to speak here of one of the provisions contained in the tobacco plan just to present and that, contrary to what she says, improve nothing public health and may even harm it. The Ministry of health and most specialists now agree: the vapotage is practically harmless. No study – none – assigns the hundredth or thousandth, adverse effects produced by tobacco on the body. More than 70,000 people die each year in France with cancer caused or promoted by tobacco consumption. Conversely, the only dangers that could detect in the use of electronic cigarettes are linked to addiction potential nicotine, which is not among the causes of cancer, and whose effects, next to the devastation caused by the real cigarette, are perfectly minor (knowing that any excess is bad, for example excess coffee or excess sugar). Recall that it sells in pharmacy from duly authorized tobacco substitutes that contain mainly,. of nicotine. Unfortunately, these considerations of common sense are masked by irrational arguments that return us to the reign of prejudice and obscurantist fears. The precautionary principle, it is said, teaches us that we must wait many years before scientific certainty on the vapotage safety and so that in the meantime, it is better to abstain. Outright fallacy. In fact, the precautionary principle, interpreted, (see the original text voted on the initiative of Jacques Chirac) applies only if "serious or irreversible damage" can be attributed in a manner likely to any new technology or any particular product (e.g. the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere). Where are the ‘serious and irreversible’ damage it is feared the electronic cigarette? Nowhere, in any case in no study known, even as a remote hypothesis. On the other hand those of tobacco are evident for decades. In other words, the two products, the old and the new, have nothing to do in terms of public health. Tobacco kills, e-cigarette broadcasts of water vapour. The only logical argument is to say that the vapotage could, in certain circumstances, encourage consumers to then pass to the real cigarette. But nothing is proven (there also, the studies are too recent,.). Pressed to say this on the fact that smokers and the vapoteurs are the same gestures. But in this case, water is also harmful than alcohol, since it is the same gestures to eat. You can see where leads this parallel. Water drinkers would be the natural prey of the liquor merchants, and to combat alcoholism, should prohibit the Canada Dry,, For extra insights about this topic click

Subsidiary in Ireland: EU Irish tax scheme for Apple classifies as illegal.

A Subcommittee of the US Senate had disclosed tax-saving model in Apple’s may 2013: to save taxes in the United States, Apple shifts its profits with the help of several subsidiary companies abroad. The company Apple Sales International, short ASI, headquartered in Ireland, plays a central role in shifting the profits. For the US parent company Apple Inc. is a subsidiary of the company third degree. The ASI – and other subsidiaries of Apple – are off the hook as a result. So, the ASI was founded while in Ireland; but managed in the United States. According to the investigation report, the company had until 2012 at all not employees, but only senior managers who all reside in California. From May 2006 to March 2012, the ASI Board met 33 times – at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino. Since 2012, ASI has though 250 employees, but Apple insists that the company still from the United States is directed. There was no deal and nothing what could be regarded as State aid, Luca Maestri, Chief Financial Officer of Apple, told the financial times. The group tried to pay his taxes in Ireland properly. The EU Commission’s investigation described as Very much unhappy Maestri. . For additional on this topic visit

TV-criticism to the scene from Cologne: Loveless and without climax.

Pretty much everything was shown in the one and a half hours murder mystery entertainment was lousy at this scene: the story was lower average, voltage there only, and the attempt to bring in funny elements of à la Münster, failed miserably. The jokes were at best to the foreign shame. Or someone at the Office laughed, as Ballaufs and Schenks new backup Assistant Gabi (Kathie Angerer) made her debut, she upset a cup of coffee at Freddy’s desk and the coffee wet hand shook all of their new colleagues? Ballaufs and Schenks speciality are actually cases that play against the background of social ills. The noble moral claims of the two after the motto of Freddy, we have to do what the children do not arrive at any mystery fan. But at least the consequences of Cologne are often exciting and tackle a relevant topic. The homecoming from Afghanistan troops to Germany as discussed in 2012 in fat dogs. In may, there were two TV investigators in a case to the point where a young man was beaten to death in the Cologne underground, the subsequent powerlessness turned out to be a dark psychological thriller. Already the starting point looks like crime mass production: the head of an online partner agency (Suzan Anbeh) is found murdered. Was it a disappointed customer because the ultimate partnership formula of this Dear Pope worked not so well? Not at all. The story becomes the simple relationship drama that has seen as or similar to a thousand times: the culprit is the lover of the murder victim, whose children had driven off shortly before her death. And unfortunately this unsub peeps in the middle of the movie so guilty from the laundry, that the audience knows long before the end, that he is the culprit. Who is not bored at this Sunday’s crime, which annoyed maybe: several customers of online dating site have their flashy appearance. There are attractive or terribly made their way – mostly moderate – women over 40 who have met a swindler of love on the Internet and in these still always immortal love although he has betrayed her to large sums of money. The victims of this con are so covered and quixotic represented one inevitably wonders: all customers of online dating portals are stupid? Perhaps the makers of this scene keep also their audience for not quite so smart. Or why else is us rubbed already at the beginning so penetrating under the nose, that we are here in the world of online dating? Because the murder victim lies dead in the Agency and all around is not determined, but about gefaselt whether you can To find his true love on the Internet. Already this scene gives a taste of the whole crime will be: Loveless and boring. This is Very much a pity that this scene is giving away potential. So playing the crime with symbols for love and sex, which is actually a funny idea. We see Babafemi alone in bed or with partner – and Kathie Angerer as Backup Assistant Gabi must spill not only coffee, but admitted their also – not particularly original – Lara-Croft-moment at the shooting range. Towards the end, she is tied with handcuffs – by just that love impostor, she should seek as under cover detective. Anyway, Angerer is The best, this crime has to offer. She plays hard, and the scenes with her are the only ones that create tension. But a bright spot is just not sufficient. This scene is just hopeless. . For additional insights on this matter click homepage.

Independence of Catalonia: Madrid opposes the referendum.

‘The shock of the trains’: it is an expression used by analysts in Spain to discuss the risk of rupture, almost always imminent, hectic which knot and relations between Catalonia and the central power. A so worn rail metaphor in recent months that it has become a cliché in the life policy of the peninsula. This Saturday, two weeks after a monster demonstration of the independentists, regional president, Artur Mas, has signed the Decree of convocation for a referendum on self-determination. Two hours later, the spokesman for the Spanish Government reiterated a position already known to all: Madrid considers as contrary to the Constitution elections and will do everything to prevent it. The two locomotives had never seemed so close. Neither launched so fast. Theoretically, in the event of rebellion of the Catalan authorities, the Spanish Government can go up to suspend the autonomy of the region and run by national officials, according to the text of the Constitution. Most hostile to secessionists even mention of disobedience and sedition offences provided for by the penal Code. As many penalties as Mariano Rajoy refrained from brandir until then. As Artur Mas, if he defends the indispensability of a vote Catalans, he does not exclude that the latter passes through early regional elections, that are not dependent on him,. Except that the latter may, according to the polls, give victory to ERC, a more radical independence than that of Mas, party CiU. Since the announcement of the consulta ("consultation"), as Mas prefers to call the referendum, both Spanish and catalan trains seem to be on automatic pilot. "On both sides, they have lost time unnecessarily," judge of Barcelona Joan Marcet, Director of the Institute of political and social sciences. Richard Onses, author of a study on the political future of Catalonia where he met with 52 players in the political and economic life, is concerned about the aftermath of the process: "None of the experts whom I met told me how to stop the machine.". You must visit this to read extra on this interesting subject.