The beautiful story of the day: at age 9, she helps her mother to give birth,. for the 2nd time.

Equipped with towels, the girl helps Kay to the world his second sister, while now the baby’s head which does not common sense. When relief arrived, everything is for the better. They no longer have that to cut the cord, the girl has already completed delivery. Kay, proud, tells the Express & Star newspaper: she was the quieter person of the House. She kept his composure, telling me to be quiet and good breathing. The girl in turn confides in the journal: as soon as MOM said that she was pregnant, I was preparing in case it was necessary that I intervene again. Because its 6 years old, it is already facing the delivery of its first sister. At the time, Kay loses water while she is at it. Alone with her, Francesca him prodigal first aid. Inspired by an episode of the series Casualty in which she saw a birth, the girl told her mother how to breathe and push during contractions. As for childbirth from August, midwives had more to cut the cord and clean the bathroom. . Inspirational source could be studied visiting the following reference.

Ex-East 17-front man Brian Harvey: boy band singer riots prior to Downing Street.

It was a strange sight, which offered passers-by on Monday prior to the official residence of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. Brian Harvey, former frontman of the English boy band East 17, stood in sweatpants, with a large white hat, he had suffered deeply in the face, and an equally white binders under his arm at the metal gate at the entrance to Downing Street. There, he delivered a heated argument with two police officers. The boy band East 17 was extremely successful in the 1990s mainly in the United Kingdom as a rebellious alternative to the brave band take that. The band named themselves after their place of origin, the East end of London, and the corresponding postal code, became popular in Germany with hits such as Thunder, House of love, it’s alright. After the abrupt end of the group, there were increasingly negative headlines about Harvey’s personal life. So he was in Nottingham under mysterious circumstances with a knife in 2001 attacked and thereby seriously injured. It was followed by drug excesses and he suffered depression, which ultimately resulted in two suicide attempts. in 2005 he was hospitalized after a car accident in the hospital. When attempting to run over himself, with his Mercedes even he should have broken an arm. . You can read the following fact to read more regarding this interesting matter.

Renée Zellweger responds to criticisms regarding his change of appearance.

I have a different, healthier and happier life than before, and I imagine that it shows. It is in these terms that Renée Zellweger, heroine of Bridget Jones age 45 responded this Tuesday, October 21 at the criticism regarding his change of appearance very noticed, in an interview with the American magazine People.   Charged with abusing cosmetic surgery and Botox, the star swept hand aside insults towards him: it seems that the haters looking for some infamous information about me – which do exist – not will let me not quiet as long as I have nothing to answer.   Indicating find the media hype around his final Los Angeles appearance idiot, the actress said: I am pleased that the languages of Viper me are changed [,.] I spent these past years to build a home, to love somebody – editor’s Note: her partner Doyle Bramhall – and grow as a person. And conclude: maybe I have different air. But who isn’t older? HA!  . Additional facts can be read clicking page.

Radhakrishnan: “Europe has need of Italy. Now serves on flexibility “.

Today the Matteo Renzi Chairman will in Parliament, where he will report to the Chambers on the contents of the imminent European Summit, scheduled on 23 and 24 October in Brussels. It is a foreign policy Summit (with Isis issues and Ebola in the foreground), but especially on eurozone economic choices (with a specific working session will be devoted to the choices on energy policy); Incidentally, this will be the last act as President of the European Council of the Belgian Van Rompuy, who will be replaced by Donald Tusk. And in its report Renzi touched specifically on the agenda points in Brussels, adding that the "climate in the international economic community is rapidly changing and clarifying how the true priorities of the European institutions must be to promote economic growth," the IMF, not a Revolutionary Socialist Group, pointed out that the focus on growth is absolutely top priority [,.] For tomorrow is not a discussion about how to get out of tight margins only rigour and about how to reset a strategy that sees today European countries largely loss-making ". Moreover, continued: "Europe is the Cinderella world development is not only a problem of Italy [,.] We give 20 billion every year to the European budget, spendendone less than half, even our fault. But in any case, whenever we go to European Councils are not of Watchlist that have Europe the severe image and grim to a teacher who explains what to do. We are a country that should play a path of reflection and that is doing it because he wants to do it. " Then Radhakrishnan has claimed the path of structural reforms undertaken in recent months by the Government with the cooperation of Parliament: "we are doing our part to our children, let us not be influenced by statements in the press of people more or less close to fellow chairmen of the Council or of other European countries". . Inspirational source can be found reading the following article.

Switzerland destination favorite of expatriates, the 23rd France on 34.

The Switzerland arrives at the top of the ranking of the favorite destinations for expatriates, while the France ranks instead 23 out of 34, according to a survey made public Wednesday which assesses material conditions and quality of life. The top 10 of this survey, the seventh of its kind, conducted by Yougov for HSBC Bank, also reveals a very good reputation of the Asian destinations. The ranking, based on a poll online with 9. 288 expatriates, is in fact the following: Switzerland, Singapore, China, Germany, Bahrain, New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Hongkong. Respondents are pronounced on their financial situation (salary, savings, economic situation of the host country), on the quality of life, on family life (in particular the education of children and home conditions). Taking into account these various criteria, it’s Switzerland which is the most popular, combining comfortable salaries (a quarter of expatriates in Switzerland say earn more than 200 000 dollars per year), and high quality of life. The Switzerland is also the country whose economy inspires the most confidence, according to the HSBC press kit. Asia stands out as the most auspicious for affluence region, with in particular in China around 38% of expats earning more than 200. $ 000 (157 000 euros) per year. L?Germany, fourth in the standings, appear as a safe and stable destination. 87% of expats living there expressed satisfaction with economic conditions, according to the poll conducted in April and may, before the German economy knows a soft shot. The France arrives it bottom ranking mainly because of a bad result in the category of economic and financial criteria. In this category, it is only 30th on 34. In the overall ranking the country however rose to 23rd place with a good ranking in the category quality of life (8th out of 34), thanks to good food, the temperate climate and good health system, reads the press release. Thus 84% of expatriates in France say enjoy the local cuisine against an average of 72% for other countries. . Root source may be read visiting this blog.

Countries where expatriates feel best.

While almost two French executives on three express willingness to seize opportunities of career abroad, HSBC today presents the countries where expatriates live best. This year, the country winner of the seventh World edition of Expat Explorer, is the Switzerland. The Confederation, which has dethroned the Thailand, facing a political backlash is acclaimed for its "balanced lifestyle". "It appears as a destination offering professional development opportunities and a high salary, while balancing a good balance between work and private life," said the authors of the study who interrogated 9000 expats in 100 countries. A quarter of those who work in Switzerland earn more than 200. $ 000 (157 000 euros) per year. On a personal level, expats are the quality of the air and the pleasant surroundings of the country. The families believe that they offer a better quality of life to their children, as well as a good school education. Despite the economic slowdown, Asia remains a flagship destination. Taiwan, the Thailand, the India and Hong Kong are also at the top of the ranking of HSBC. This year, the expatriates in Asia, highlight less quality of life in the region. Their motivations are primarily financial. Their remuneration are in fact the highest in the world, while the cost of living is often low! They earn an average of 120. 000 dollars a year, against 92. 000 for expatriates installed elsewhere in the world ($ 84 million in the Middle East and 78 000 in Europe). China has the highest proportion of expats with very high incomes, 38% of them earning more than 200. us $ by and 29% more than 250. $ million (compared with 7% of expatriates around the world), emphasizes the study of HSBC. Remuneration to which they don’t often want to step give up on returning to their country of origin. The study shows and 65% of those earning more than 250. us $ chained expatriation. At the global level, all countries, almost half of respondents (47%) expatriates have experienced several experiences abroad. But Asia also attracts the adventurous, willing to live expatriate to new challenges. "There are a large number of decisions which are taken into account in the expatriation, ranging from the financial aspect to the integration in the local community and the Organization of the child", recalls Dean Blackburn, HSBC Expat responsible. Currently, the Middle East attracts expatriates eager to career (and to a lesser extent to improve their income). Expatriates settling in Bahrain, the Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the Kuwait, United Arab Emirates or Oman often work in the construction and engineering sector. Those who leave their country to improve their quality of life migrate to New Zealand (54%), at the top of the classification of ‘Living abroad’ and "Exile family" categories. Australia (46%) and France (43%). Seduced by the climate, the kitchen, the health system and the ‘low-cost’ educational system, the majority of these expatriates in hexagon (71%) admit to wanting to settle there (the world average is 61%). "This desire to settle on the long term in France, goes hand in hand with the desire to integrate locally and more particularly to learn French, since 83% are trying to learn the french (the average General is 58%)", says the study, Extended information can be read reading

In Jerusalem, the bunkerisation of Silwan fanning hatred.

Silwan, whose reliefs concentrate some of the oldest remains of the town, fanning for several decades the lust of Jewish nationalists. It is estimated that 500 Israeli settlers live there today, under the protection of private guards in the middle of some 50. 000 Palestinian residents. A presence that does not jeopardise the balance demographic, but which threatens to further complicate a possible share of the city in the event of a peace agreement. "Meanwhile, it attends a real bunkerisation of these settlers which, imitating those of Hebron live locked behind bars, under high protection and cannot move in convoys of armored cars," worries Daniel Seidemann, lawyer and specialist in Jerusalem. For Jawad Siyam, head of the Wadi Hilweh information centre, the recent establishment of a hundred new settlers constitutes a further blow concerned buildings appear to have been purchased legally to their Palestinian owners. "Until now, Israelis using legal artifice to confiscate properties, he said. But this time, they managed to convince the inhabitants of the neighborhood by offering very large sums of money. It is a betrayal, which everyone must take the measure and which must be punished with the utmost severity. » . Root facts could be found visiting the following fact.

Ebola: the France will conduct new tests in Guinea.

Medical research time is usually counted in years. But facing the progression meteoric haemorrhagic fever in West Africa, where it already has more than 4,500 deaths, scientists were given the go-ahead and even encouragement of the World Health Organization to speed up and reinvent the clinical validation procedures. Scientists will this work concurrently in both directions. On the one hand, a clinical trial mounted in partnership with Sakoba Keita, Chief of the division of prevention and fight against disease in Guinea, which will focus on Guinean patients sixty. The tests will begin in the coming days and preliminary results are expected in January. Volunteers will receive treatment for 10 days. "If there are effective against the virus, the molecule will be integrated as early as February in a larger strategy", explains Dr. Malvy. In parallel, the laboratory P4 of Lyon (Jean Mérieux-Inserm) will continue tests on monkeys to determine optimal dose, route and frequency of administration. All these tracks do not exclude the serotherapy, which will also be the subject of clinical trials. This process, which is to purify the plasma of people cured to retrieve neutralizing antibodies and to re-inject them to patients, will be provided by the french establishment of blood, with results expected in February or March. "This is a major challenge, I do not know if you can raise it insists, careful, Jean-François Delfraissy, stressing the difficulties to ensure the safety of donors and recipients, and to recruit volunteers among the survivors. "They prefer to forget what happened to them" he says. Another well advanced track: the development of a rapid diagnostic test, similar to a pregnancy test, giving a response in 15 minutes from a drop of blood. It would be a great improvement on the current test, which requires 6-7 hours in a laboratory at very high level of security. The eZyscreen, developed in two months by the ECA, will be produced by end October in several hundred copies to be tested on patients. A key issue when we know that tracked patient and therefore supported early has more chances to overcome the disease. . You must click this to learn more regarding this great topic.

Rotten meat and Russia problems: Gloomy Outlook for McDonalds.

Dark clouds over the Burger Empire with the Golden M. Right on several construction sites, the company fights problems. In China, a strong crisis of confidence has McDonald’s, stores are closed in Russia – and also in Europe and in the United States domestic market the shops run more unconvincing. What happened? In the summer, a rotten meat scandal shook the McDonald’s customers in China. Meat with expired expiration date was been intentionally mixed with fresh meat, to deceive the quality controllers of McDonalds. The US-based group feels the effects of the scandal until now: McDonald’s had to accept not only the decline in sales in the 2000 branches in China, but go to expensive image campaigns, to win back the trust of customers. In the future, suppliers be controlled more. A hotline to uncover irregularities and problems in the supply chain of goods faster. The meat scandal has fall sales in Asia, the Middle East and Africa: McDonald’s earned ten percent of less. But not only on the Asian market, the fast food restaurant group has trouble. Even Russia’s problems. In the past few months, the Consumer Authority in Moscow closed some McDonald’s outlets. Political differences between Washington and Moscow over the Ukraine crisis should be officially for hygiene breaches, but the actual reason. Overall, McDonald’s operates 450 restaurants in Russia, currently 200 undergo thereof by the authority. The political tensions between the United States and Russia now also displays the floundering Burger business. Total sales across Europe fell – back includes the Russian market – 1.4 percent. The home market is not running smoothly. Reason: fewer and fewer people to McDonald’s go in the United States. Business Insider quoted a Franchisnehmer from a US Poll: the top management of the Group has no idea what’s going on in the stores. There are no new products. Overall, the McDonald’s employees Miss innovative ideas. Instead, they observe that customers lose confidence in the brand. Sales in the United States declined in the past three months to 3.3 percent. The trend in the United States in part also applies to Germany. Long ago, the fast-food chain must share the market with other providers. To compete in this country the Americans with the foodservice Vapiano and the expanded range of bakeries and Cafés. Also the image of the fast-food chain has recently suffered: in Germany McDonalds – attracted but also other fast-food seller – by the wage dispute with the Union last attention: namely, the minimum wage will paid. This would services so the criticism of the Trade Union removed elsewhere, for example, during the Christmas and holiday pay. . For additional on this matter click

Vaccination by pharmacists: specifically, how would it happen?

To allow pharmacists to inject vaccines. This measure proposed last week by Marisol Touraine in its Bill health stung to the quick doctors, who fear a trivialization of the medical Act, and call for strike at Christmas. The idea, whose purpose is to advance the immunization coverage in France, is also far from arouse a general enthusiasm for pharmacists. We must fight against the decline of vaccination, particularly against flu that affects more that an elderly person on two, against 60 percent five years ago, said the president of the Union of trade unions of pharmacists of pharmacy, Gilles Bonnefond. But this priority should not endure the controversy and the division of health professionals. However, any consultation has for the moment been organized on the subject, and many points remain unclear. What training? Administer a vaccine is not a harmless medical gesture, repeated doctors. To learn where stitch, how clean the skin, know the precautions for use, etc, should be obviously train us to this new Act and provide guarantees on the insurance plan, warns Gilles Bonnefond. Which raises another problem: it should also create an information sharing tool for allowing the doctor to know if a nurse or a pharmacist has already achieved a vaccine on his patient. . Similar information can be read reading website.