End of the era of Dutt? Werder lost 1-0 to Cologne.

Dutt said after the defeat of a pure disappointment. The team have become little goal threat. After the 0-1 is what the body language here. My confidence in the team is infinite, said Dutt, and is confident that he will remain coach. Why should I not go out? FC gained points for the class remain hard, however, a week after the 2-1 against Borussia Dortmund, and is twelve meters table ninth. Ujah sealed the first Cologne win in Bremen since December 1, 1995 in the 59th minute, seconds after his substitution as he template by Dusan Svento overcame the Bremen fullback Raphael Wolf with a leg shot. In the second half we put all it made. We have felt that the pressure on Werder will be greater if nothing works. It was the right decision to bring a second striker, said FC coach Peter Stöger and Kevin Vogt added: we are a team and come across the unity. There is no alternative to a victory, had issued the March route as eminently important to him pre-match Dutt. Accordingly engaged, Bremen went to the duel in front of 42 100 spectators at the Weser Stadium. With early pressing the Green-whites put Cologne in his own half under pressure. But once again lacked the playful means to bring the very disciplined occurring Rhinelander seriously in the bailout. . Main source may be found reading the following http://178215fdbf19e57a04e5418cfe.ericholzman.eu.

Two Russians in three want the normalization of relations with the West.

79% of those interviewed believe that the USA, the Germany, the Japan and the United Kingdom are the enemies of the Russia, who seek to solve their problems using it and do not hesitate to harm its interests at every opportunity that presents itself. Four years ago, on the wave of reboot, modernization and rapprochement with the West announced by the Russian authorities, 44% of Russians were of this opinion. Today, 84% of the population believes that the Russia has enemies. The conviction that the West has a hostile attitude toward the Russia is probably the main reason, but not only the importance according to sociologists. 36% of respondents have recognized to be somewhat or very concerned about the isolation the countries from the Western world – or more than one third of the population. The opinion of this group continues or occurs in a context where the authorities and public television are trying to persuade the population that, for example, sanctions are not to be feared and even that they are useful for the Russian economy. Furthermore, 66% felt that the Russia has rather or absolutely need to normalise relations with the US and other Western countries. The circle of proponents of normalization of relations with the West and opponents of isolation is substantially larger than that of the politicians of the opposition of their collaborators who criticize the power of journalists and publicists, who attended the anti-Kremlin protests. It is so wide that it is equipped with a result electoral potential. Observers and relatives of the power remark that the elite, which was given a mandate to lead the State, represents the interests of the majority while taking into account those of the minority. But how does this actually work? In the countries with a developed system of political competition, opposing social groups are about equal quantitatively. More importantly, their composition, structure and number can vary. In addition, there are still undecided, i.e. a significant minority whose voice decides the outcome of the election race between two rivals of equivalent strength. These factors present continuously push the Government to take into account the interests of the minority. But the system of competition policy is not developed in Russia, this is why the opinions and interests of the minority, even if this last represents a third of the population, are taken into account according to the will of the Government. The logic of the election and the obtaining of a warrant do not oblige it to do so. Knowing that the balance of power remains stable, current conditions in the country are not met for the development and the increase of the middle class – the more interested by the normalization of relations with the West. According to the latest report of holding Minchenko Consulting published on 22 October, the dismantling of the elements of the Putin-Medvedev duumvirate process is completed. According to them, it would be not only to convert technical Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, but also to reduce the potential for resource groups that sought to position themselves as communicators with the elites of the West and supporters of the liberal ideology. Today, these communicators are not solicited. Meanwhile, it is precisely the part of the elite United around Medvedev who could demonstrate its sympathy to the concerns of one third of the population by the isolation of the Russia and the will of two thirds of the population of normalizing relations with the West. . Root source can be found checking this http://178215fdbf19e57a04e5418cfe.ericholzman.eu.

First case of Ebola in the streets of New York.

New York should be ter inqui? For the first time, a man of the Ebola virus is d plac in the city. Craig Spencer, age 33, returned from Guin e, o it has treated patients of Ebola for M doctors without borders (MSF). With regard to its recent activity r, there demand tre hospitalis Thursday, while he had more than 39 C of fi vre and abdominal pain. M medical examinations r v l his contract this virus more 4800 deaths in West Africa. Craig Spencer was immediately placed in quarantine hospital: Bellevue in Manhattan, one of the five institutions sp especially pr by s to manage the potential case of Ebola New York. His fianc e and two of his friends were also t s plac quarantined, pr cis during the press conference the head of health services of the city of New York, Mary T. Bassett. The competent New York s looking for what the doctor could have met with are New York and potentially put at risk. It took several times the tro, a addition m Mary T. Bassett. And Wednesday night, it is all bowling with friends Brooklyn. Bowling has t ferm by pr bail. Doctors without borders has confirmed that the doctor had inform Thursday he had the fi vre. Under instructions strict donn es staff returning from Ebola, this person was watching regular surely his health and made part of this development immediately, d clar MSF USA. MSF has then come pr New York health services, and the doctor was transport by ambulance from his home in Harlem hospital: Bellevue, by a team sp especially form e and wearing of protective clothing. � . Main source can be studied checking the following http://178215fdbf19e57a04e5418cfe.ericholzman.eu.

The nomads attack passengers, Mayor of the Pd proposes separate bus.

The nomads attack passengers? The Mayor of Borgaro Pd Claudio Gambino, agree with his Transport Minister to Sel, Luigi Spinelli, asks Gtt of split bus lines from the outskirts of Torino porta in the town near the airport. The proposal, launched by Mayor during yet another protest meeting against the prevarication of the nomads at the expense of bus passengers, is greeted with enthusiasm and without any charge of racism: for Admins is the only solution to ensure the safety of borgaresi and put an end to complaints that it has been going on too long. In practice, according to administrators, the current line number 69 bus it should be flanked another who always starting from Turin in piazza Stampalia face Roma camp terminus Borgaro so aboard there is promiscuity. So good on a bus and the bad on the other. Reported episodes were dozens: from little girl to whom were shaved his hair to the other they tried to steal the rucksack and mobile phone. Before arriving to the apartheid of transport have already been beats other roads: for a couple of weeks aboard are climbing the fire patrols, but then the service is stopped and the violence returned with at least the same frequency of an evaluation, and protests. Now the Mayor will speak with the Gambinos questore di Torino, Antonino Cufalo and you will see if the double bus route is passable. The controversy is safe: the first to ignite the powder is the Northern League Senator Roberto Calderoli, who on facebook writes: the hypocrisy of the left has no limits: you think if it had been the League to suggest separate bus for Roma, which and how many accusations of racism, xenophobia, Nazism and whatnot we were rained on,. Where are the beautiful souls? But think of the citizenship for the children of immigrants: the real problems are these and congratulations Borgaro administrators who left though they listened to their people. Extended info can be read reading link.

The Ottawa sniper seen by the Québécois Finkielkraut.

Mathieu Bock-Côté is a sociologist (Ph. (D) it is responsible for courses at HEC Montréal and columnist for le Journal de Montréal as well as the radio of Radio-Canada. He is the author of several books, including political exercises (VLB, 2013), end of cycle: the origins of the Québécois political malaise (Boréal, 2012) and quiet denationalization: memory, identity and multiculturalism in post-referendum Quebec (Boréal, 2007). Monday morning, at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Martin Couture-roller, a young man converted to radical Islam, improvised terrorist and attacked two Canadian soldiers. Two days later, in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, another man, Michael Zaman-Bibeau, apparently recently converted to Islam, is arming to attack the federal Parliament and killed him as a soldier. The man is happened close to carnage in the House of Commons and kill several members. Canada, which has used to feel safe from history and its tragedies, and who fancies like a bucolic company, discovered suddenly the target of Islamist terrorism, especially since the Conservative Government of Stephen Harper is committed, there is little in the fight against the Islamic State. This earned him a threat in good and due form of this organization which also invited its Canadian supporters to practice traditional terrorism, murdering as they were Canadian citizens. Profiles of the two killers were quickly compared. The man of Richelieu had experienced a sharp social decline that had, said it to be pushed towards extremism. He dreamed to jihadist and represented as such and had even sought to fly to combat zones. In his attack, he saw the apotheosis of its existence. He was also watched by the authorities who know tempted by terrorism. Ottawa man, visibly inspired by the first, was rather a petty criminal without relief, could however be suspecting terrorist conversion. It still questioned on what the y led. Much emphasized also the sanity of killers, as if their actions fell more Psychiatry that terrorism, and as if a bulkhead separated these two notions. They are discovered crazy. Above all, we wish crazy. This sanitizing of history is perhaps reassuring and comforting, to the extent that it takes away from the figure of the enemy, and even more, of the internal enemy, which destabilizes intimately social order. It away from the disturbing figure of terrorism, to transform these attacks in isolated gestures, without political significance. It was a strange representation of human action, as if history was written with balanced and reasonable men, and the passions that lead to the extremes are weighed more. He should not forget that history is also written with the misfits, the mystics, the rabid, of desperate and fanatics. She forgets that revolutionary movements rely precisely on the categories the most fragile population, or the less integrated socially, hoping to excite their negative feelings, that they want to push to the extremism and political violence. This was the case in the twentieth century, this is still today. Similarly, the reference to the Lone Wolves, which is improviseraient terrorists in is intoxicating ideologically, need some shades. Without any doubt, terrorism no longer necessarily needs clearly organized to hit. But individuals radicalized not from scratch. They are targeted by organizations that rely precisely on the marginalized, social rejoicing for the conscript in their war. It is not without significance that these two attacks are precisely those of converts who believed transform their lives by joining the holy war. And Islamism does not need nor generate thousands of terrorist vocations to destabilize a society. Evil being is a phenomenon widespread in modern societies, but it is often (but not exclusively) when he is captured and channeled by radical islam that it becomes potentially terrorist. At least, it is through radical islam, he can become a force not only nihilistic but political. The concept of radicalization, which has emerged in the media discourse, here reveals its limitations. Because they are not all the radicalized doctrines that grow also to terrorism, at least in today’s world. Islamism clearly attracts the minds that combine nihilism, desire for violence and revolutionary pretension, and it adapts its strategy precisely to the anomie that it has correctly diagnosed in Western societies. It has been noted quickly, an attack as Ottawa is quickly recovered politically and recycled in the logic of the demonization of Western societies. In some settings related to the radical left, they were likely to see in these two gestures of reactions unfortunate but inevitable citizens brusqués by the stigmatization of Muslims in the contemporary world. As the punishment expected from a morally unacceptable and aggressive foreign policy. We’ll see once again formidable self-hatred, which brings so many left-wing intellectuals believe that their country is well worth the harm him because he entered a fundamentally guilty civilization. . Root facts may be studied clicking the following info.

Calais, Marine Le Pen has just denounce migrants,. and prepare regional 2015.

Between 2200 and 2300 migrants were currently in Calais and its environs, against 1. 500 at the end of the summer, confirmed Thursday the prefect of the Department Denis Robin, recognizing a rise in incidents involving illegal immigrants, road and inhabitants. Petty crime, theft, brawls between migrants, tensions with traders,. It is this explosive situation that Marine Le Pen wants to operate for departmental and regional next year’s elections. The coming of Marine Le Pen is moved in a difficult situation. It is unnecessary that it Vienna excite the Calais with his speeches, indignant the aedile of Calais which long pleaded with the Government to obtain police reinforcements. This Thursday, the Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve gave him succeed. A squadron of mobile gendarmes, or 70 men, must be assigned to the strengthening of the security of the port area. Objective: prevent migrants aboard trucks to get in Britain. Temporary barriers, then final barriers, for 4 kilometres, will be installed to improve the holding of the ring road and the port enclosure, said prefecture which says that a half-company of CRS, or 35 police, arrived Wednesday in Calais to carry out patrols on foot and by car in the city centre. Provided that they do not leave the field open to the competition from the extreme right-wing radical. Once is not custom, the national Front is overwhelmed on his right hand in Calais where a collective headed by one of its former members, called save Calais, trying him also to surf the anti-migrant wave. More than 9. 500 people follow Facebookce collective against immigration and pro-migrants associations launched by Kevin Maxwell, 20 years, excluded from the FN for its too-short hair and whose organization is the subject of an investigation for incitement to racial hatred. . You should check the following http://178215fdbf19e57a04e5418cfe.ericholzman.eu to discover extra on this great subject.

The Middle East, Netanyahu accused Abbas: He supported Jerusalem attack.

Jerusalem, Oct. 23 (Xinhua/LaPresse)-Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahyu believes that yesterday’s attack on the subway in Jerusalem has been supported by Mahmoud Abbas (the President of the Palestinian Authority, ndr) that glorifies the murderers and embraces the organisation they belong to terrorists, Hamas. He learns from a communiqué from the Office of the Prime Minister. Speaking during a consultation that took place in the national headquarters of the police, the premier blamed the weakness of the international community in his soft approach towards the Palestinians, declaring that it is not willing to utter a single word of criticism against Abbas despite his glorification of terrorists and the embrace of Hamas. In comparison, Netanyahu said, Israel is not weak and we strongly maintain our right and duty to defend our country. At the meeting, held a day after a Palestinian in East Jerusalem has launched his car against a crowd of commuters at a light rail station, killing a child and wounding seven other people, Netanyahu has therefore instructed the police and other law enforcement to enhance Israeli security personnel in Jerusalem in an attempt to stem the tide of nationalist violence in the city. We want to restore peace and security in Jerusalem. Any attempt to damage its inhabitants will be braked with a strong response, said Netanyahu. The public security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch, the Israeli Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino, the head of Shin Bet Yoram Cohen and the Jerusalem police commander Moshe Edri informed Netanyahu on the deteriorating security situation in Jerusalem in recent months, providing the details of Wednesday’s attack. Netanyahu has ordered the immediate dispatch of more border police officers, along with increased surveillance and intelligence. These new measures will return to calm in the city, said the premier further educating the participants of the meeting to exert Israeli sovereignty in all parts of the city through the deployment of additional forces. We support the Israeli police-said Netanyahu-and we offer all the reinforcements and the ability to carry out this mission. Jerusalem is not the only city that lives in terror. Capital and other cities around the world are under attack, said Netanyahu in an apparent reference to the multiple terrorist attacks in Ottawa in Canada. . Extended text can be found reading http://178215fdbf19e57a04e5418cfe.ericholzman.eu.

Useful shock but wary of risks.

Matteo Renzi tries to sparigliare the cards on the table in Brussels trying to get-out protagonists, palaces and living rooms of European power in the same way as shameless and Gascon with which Rome has attacked with determination and success, the Italians. "For a country like ours which every year pays 20 billion European budget and made a maneuver by 36, one or two billion more will not be a major effort," explains the President of the Council upon his arrival at the Eu Summit, while minimizing disputes with EU Law Commission budget for the 2015, recalling that the Treaty provides for mitigating circumstances for exceptional circumstancesby defending in the name of transparency towards the public, the decision, criticized by José Barroso, instead of publishing the confidential letter from Brussels. Finally, clarifying that comes with the outgoing President of the Commission, but with the new, Jean-Claude Juncker, in Office since November 1. Europe is not accustomed to having to deal with a contentious and combative, Italy that rebuts the point on point and without complexes to Eu reprimands that far too often the rain showers. But an Italy more present and participant in the European team is good for the country and for Europe. Though not always brilliant media show and loud negotiations are the best tools to achieve the goals. Are five countries that have received letters with requests for information and clarification on the laws of stability. Apart from Italy, no one has picked up the shields and published its contents. Instead, France anyone first, simply treat trying to pull water to his mill, to smooth the angles of the Europeans to their own advantage. "The rules must be interpreted with maximum flexibility to encourage the revival of investments», he repeated yesterday the Frenchman François Hollande. Which, having flirted with Renzi chasing European pacts for ambitious growth, for now just imaginary, seems to have folded with discretion on the realpolitik of always: agreement with Germany in an attempt to maximise the shield on the markets with minimal effort in terms of deficit reduction and reform to do. Berlin does not trust Paris but can’t afford to overstretch the rope risking to unleash a new storm on the euro. Just because he wants to reassert the credibility of European rules, knowing that in the current scenario of recession and deflation an excess of severity would have the opposite effect for all, Merkel moves decided but without clamors. The stentoree positions of Renzi disturb its maneuvers with Hollande but, especially, are likely to make Italy the mattress the French concessions: not out of malice or arbitrary brutality but to give markets a consistency in compliance with European agreements that eventually there will be. When Renzi loudly evokes the exceptional circumstances to alleviate the pangs of budgetary rigour does his job. But when liquid 1 or 2 billion the amount of extra effort that will be required is in danger of being proved wrong. Because it is true that the Italian economy gasps and has a desperate need for growth and investment, but it is also true that in 2014 has not complied with its commitment to a structural correction of 0.7%, the same scheduled for 2015, but recorded a deficit increase of 0.3. Since the next Act of effort stability is reduced to 0.1%, offsetting discussing amounts to 1.6% of GDP, a figure exceeding 20 billion. Exceptional circumstances, that we are all, break the commitment required: up to 2 billion is perhaps hope too. The changing of the guard in Brussels bring more understanding for the reasons a big gambling Italian: reminiscent of the European left when counted on the advent of the Spd in Germany for Government, thus disrupting the dogmas rigorists and giving a steering grow strong. Juncker believes strongly in the benefits inherent in the policies of austerity and reforms but considers equally important to restart development with a 300 billion plan in 3 years. Though it is not clear what will be his real room for manoeuvre. To hear yesterday Merkel it seems always the same: ‘ higher deficits don’t help growth, this is demonstrated by the experience of the past. We must combine the development and consolidation of the budget ‘. The game of Radio in Europe risks the sands property. © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Root source can be found reading the following http://178215fdbf19e57a04e5418cfe.ericholzman.eu.

High quarterly loss: Amazon stock crashes by 10 percent.

Seattle – the world’s largest online retailer Amazon is stuck deep in the red with its high spending. In the last quarter was a loss of 437 million dollars. More than that, For the current quarter with the important Christmas business Amazon ever wants to give no clear forecast – at least the period in which the operating result should be, permits no other conclusion. It should lie somewhere between a loss of $570 million and one plus $ 430 million. But not only the cloudy described prospects had deterred investors, the results disappointed: so the loss was significantly higher in the third quarter than expected on the market. This was also a write-off of $170 million on the first Amazon phone fire phone came out in the summer. The big announced smartphone so far not became a bestseller and received bad reviews in the trade press. Amazon lowered the price after a few weeks on the market also contributed to the depreciation. The loss of $ 41 million was significantly lower in the same quarter last year. Chief Financial Officer Tom Szkutak announced in the Conference after presenting the figures but that Amazon will basically adhere to the high level of investment. The group but knows that he must consider with caution, in which shops to put the money. . For extra information on this matter check http://178215fdbf19e57a04e5418cfe.ericholzman.eu.

Ottawa: Canada is less destitute as it seems to terrorism.

Canada, prime target of jihadists? Some editorials in the Canadian press are echoes, referring to the end of the innocence of the country. However, the authorities seemed to prepare for an attack. The EIS had indeed launched in September a call to Muslims to kill, in any way, military or civilian international coalition nationals. And not later than last week, the Government had submitted a Bill to grant more powers to the secret service. And for good reason: some 130 people with ties to the Canada are currently suspected of conducting activities related to terrorism abroad. Ottawa also investigates 80 individuals income recently from war zones, including Iraq and Syria. Michael Zaman-Bibeau and Martin Couture-Rouleau were on this list, and their passports had been seized to prevent them from joining veterans jihadists in the Middle East. The Canada enrolled for several years in international conflicts vectors of terrorist acts, metronews Thomas Snegaroff respite. For this historian and specialist of the geopolitical issues, the country has already been proven in terms of fight against terrorism: A vast conspiracy to target Parliament and the Prime Minister had been dismantled in 2006 in Toronto. An attempt was foiled also in 2013 on the Montreal-New York train. Feats of Canadian services which allow Thomas Snegaroff sweep the thesis according to which the Canada would be an easy target. It is an aberration to think that the United States are better protected than another country. The Boston attacks took place only a year and a half. . For more facts on this matter read http://178215fdbf19e57a04e5418cfe.ericholzman.eu.