Niña Pastori and the law of the funnel.

A night of 1993 in the room snail Paco de Luc to abstract a vs. the bean the secrets of flamenco in Spanish market to. Here there are thirty thousand fans, there are no m s. Then we demonstrate that that was not necessarily as. Suddenly, a record transferred that border and vend to a lot of disks. It occurred in 1996 to La to Pastori Ni with their first album between two ports. Now that all have forgotten those sales figures are still detected that there is a law of the funnel with the flamenco (flamenco m s or less pure is him to aden diminutives, variations and mixtures). In the or that triunf the Ni to Pastori behind the impact s n T me camelas also n slipped by the funnel the Ketama with their live album, the Camela or the last of the row. You see the picture. The road to recognition and the success is narrow for those who work with the ra ces. Spoke much the Pastori and talk about everything and everyone, from his island of San Fernando, of the r ask that they have passed these to you (almost two d ED) of that is now called is ora. You can see that it’s neither is will you small or. Cant much and well (his style) took a tour by its abundant CDs without make any lease n to their greatest success. The singles industry executives desperately looking to move topics by the funnel of the success. Domingo in ditas compositions as dibujame quickly and record as your disk m s newest has made it next to the Argentine singer Soledad and the Mexican Lila Downs. P public quer m s and I went back out and the staff wasn’t satisfied and such of custom, that forgot the n radar and hear the voices of the singers Sandra and To i-hair and people showed that likes that song. Although some are qued with the desire of that of t me camelas and such. . Similar facts can be read clicking homepage.

World Basketball: the courageous but France beaten by the Brazil.

The France team has posted input limitations in bowing despite all his courage to Brazil (63-65) for his first game of the gentlemen’s Basketball World Cup Saturday in Granada. The blues have shown enormous virtues of Valor and solidarity in defence, but they were not enough to compensate for their lack of size and power within, as well as their lack of rotations. If this defeat mortgage in nothing their chances of qualification for the knockout stages, the European champions will have absolutely need that other players come out of their shell to relieve the duo Boris Diaw another difficult match awaits them Sunday against Serbia, which also has a domestic sector of foreground and rest on two wins against the tricolour. Facing a contender for a place on the podium, the French left on high bases, showing particularly applied in their set of passes in attack and aggressive in defence. After five minutes, they had taken a significant lead (12-3), the Brazil failing to get the ball inside, where his strong point with its NBA Nene Hilario/Tiago Splitter/Anderson Varejao triplette. But the South Americans were quick to react, by tightening their defense in their turn. The offensive game of the Blues gradually became less fluid, despite the energy deployed under the panels by Rudy Gobert. With six losses of bullets and five offensive rebounds in the second quarter, they gave cartridges to the Brazilians, who passed for the first time to thanks Raulzinho Neto (26-24, 18th). In lack of offensive solutions behind their two leaders Diaw and Batum, blues have slowly left the Brazil to distance (40-34, 26th). The Brazilians continued to bombard systematically indoors, Splitter, Nene and Varejao causing damage. Static in attack and clumsy far, blues relied to the one Dickson to resist (46-51, 34th). Still eye-catching in its defence, the French returned to-3 (58-61) at 33 seconds of the end thanks to a Thomas Heurtel rather to his advantage in the last minutes. But they could not give the last kidney to prevail, the last three points from Antoine Diot falling a little late, basket two seconds from the end, You should check this to discover extra about this amazing topic.

Landtag election in Saxony: with whom can govern Tillich?.

Since the turn of the CDU in Saxony is the most powerful force and is the Prime Minister. According to current projections, it will remain so. Stanislaw Tillich may offset 40 percent plus x, this value is stable. The desired partner FDP, but will probably fail at the five percent hurdle. Thus, black and yellow in Saxony (for now) is history. Particular attention lies on the AFD. She should insert a year for the first time after its establishment in a Parliament. In the parliamentary elections, she missed narrowly in the Bundestag, scored even 10 percent at that time Saxony however 6.8 percent, in the European Parliament election. In Saxony, the AFD is actually conservative and liberal economy, with right-wing populist content. Among other things she focuses on the alleged failure of the EU and the refugee movements. The parties also disagree on these points. The CDU wants the assurance of baseload by Brown coal. At the same time, it wants to limit the expansion of renewable energies in Saxony, Germany. The left, however, calls the brown coal phase-out by 2040, the mine should not be expanded. You see the opportunity in renewable energy. The SPD is da same view. Saxony is a low wage country since the change. The infrastructure is improved in parts. The CDU fight against the minimum wage, however, wants to improve the labour market situation by other means: training of the long-term unemployed, higher offer for mothers after maternity and targeted immigration. By 2019, the party wants to improve the transport infrastructure and raise the distance allowance of 30 to 50 cents. . Related facts can be found clicking

I was held in a secret prison in Syria.

They electrocuted me in terms of feet one by one, prisoners were called and taken to the interrogation room. Their cries filled the corridors while they were being tortured. People were wound in their own blood-stained blankets. They beat me with a cable and electrocuted to the feet. They asked me anything specific. They simply accuse me and insult me, and hit me in the face. They wanted me to sign a confession. There was very little food and water and we could not sleep when the guardians allowed us. We then were transferred elsewhere, in Bab Touma, in another place linked to army air intelligence service, then three months later to the military prison of Saydnaya near Damascus. There, they had a system for breaking us. Torture never stopped the food was so inadequate that we had hungry constantly and they gave us only a few clothes so that it was extremely cold. They called me for repeatedly questioning and torture would never cease. They asked me to undress me and they vaporisaient me on cold water. Then the person interrogating walked me over and hit me back and feet. In these difficult times, I thought my three children, my wife, my parents, my friends and the revolutionary movement. Despite my pain, my wounds, diseases, and the fact of being cut off from my family, I could still feel the revolution in me and the enthusiasm to animate me again. The principles that had led me here are the same as those who filled me hope and desire and allowed me to not give up. Released, without understanding why I have been maintained in detention for one year and eight months and I had right to one visit, 22 days before my release. My little brother, Joan, could come and see me for a tour of six minutes. And then, on May 29, 2013, one of the guards came in our cell and told me I was going to be released. I do not believe it, I thought I was going to be executed. The guards have shaved me head and I was certain that I was going to die. But there, they simply made me my business and released me. I do not know why, I was completely incredulous. When I arrived home, at El Qamishli, many people were waiting for me. My friends carried me on their shoulders, they had prepared a feast and I made a speech to the crowd. This has been an extremely important moment for me. I had the impression to be reborn, I took my children and my family in my arms and I was filled with tears of joy. What I saw did gave me a great sense of responsibility; again I gathered my courage and I promised myself that I will devote all my life and I will not forsake my people. Information are again received the Syrian security services regarding the pursuit of my activities then they sent me threats, which prompted my family and my friends to ask me to leave the Syria. I have a debt to my friends and my family for their tireless solidarity. They have not stopped lobbying for my release, to organise demonstrations to ensure that my case is not forgotten. . You must visit this website to read extra regarding this interesting matter.

From manufacturing and construction to boost the recovery.

The latest disappointing economic data on GDP and employment in Italy and in the eurozone have reduced to zero any hopes that 2014 will be the year of the rescue that only until a few months ago still expected at all levels: from the most respected forecasting centres to the Governments of the major Countries including the Italian, from Brussels to the ECB. The reality for the single currency Area was unfortunately very different, partly because of unforeseen adverse effects complications induced by the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. And for Italy, especially, the prospect is now in the best case to close the year with a zero-growth economy or so, provided, however, that the last quarter is very good. The real ball at the foot of GDP right now consists of investments: those in fact, machinery and equipment have fallen congiunturalmente of 1.5% in the second quarter while those in buildings of 0.9%. It is logical that this is the case. As long as private consumption doesn’t resume with greater force, industrial production as a whole will not increase enough and only predominantly export-oriented enterprises will have interest to invest because those who produce mainly for the domestic market are prostrate and growing overcapacity. While only with a targeted stimulus public works and private housing construction sites now dormant could get back on the bike. At present, in the second quarter 2014 consumption of Italians have added a 0.1% to GDP and total investments I have removed one 0.2%. The road to the Government is therefore to support the resumption of domestic consumption (and through them also in production and consequently business investment) and unlock the building in a country like Italy (leader in the production of building materials, plumbing components, electrical and lighting materials, furniture, appliances) is an absolutely crucial factor for growth. Only a clear restart manufacturing and construction in the private sector and the public can generate adequate for shock. Must not mislead the worsening net external demand in the second quarter (with a negative contribution to GDP growth of 0.2 percent). Italian exports are not stopped, despite having grown up little (+0.1) because of the general negative climate of international trade that are heavily weighed geopolitical factors. More than anything else have increased imports (+1), which is normal in a reversal phase of the cycle that although modest can still induce an increase in the import of raw materials and semi-finished goods and accumulation of stocks. But the export remains a trump card of Italy, to bet firmly because it is one of the few that can give a shock to growth. The geo-political crisis will not last forever, the euro is a little lower on the dollar and export-oriented businesses are solid and not lay off. Positive then is the plan for the made in Italy to work for months to guide development Minister and Deputy Minister Calenda. Plan that aims not only to strengthen our presence in emerging markets but also to expand it to more established ones: a case for all of US where our businesses are already reaping success. Economic scenario unfortunately is what it is, as pointed out yesterday the President of Confindustria, Giorgio Squinzi. Italy for growth materialize only in small steps and still serve many sacrifices. In our opinion, it is clear that so far the sacrifices made them especially the private sector (individuals and businesses), to whom we owe the main merit of the great Government primary surplus that we have achieved. Serve now more sacrifices on the part of the machine with the public spending review which should materialize in specific numbers. Relief for businesses, efficiency reforms such as those of labour and civil justice, on the other hand, will stimulate foreign investment in Italy and to increase the firepower of the machine exporting manufacturing made in Italy that never stop. A matter of extraordinary importance is that in the first quarter of 2014 for the first time Italy’s trade surplus with other countries excluding energy has surpassed that of Japan, which has screened at fourth place overall in the world behind Germany, China and South Korea. Over the past 12 months the surplus energy not Italian remains fifth in the world (with 114 billion) preceded by little to the Japanese, but the exploits of the last quarter remains for our truly historic colors. Equally significant is the fact that the latest data from the World Trade Organization indicate that Italy’s market share in the world exports of manufactured goods has held more among the G-7 Countries after the German from the birth of the euro until 2013. Numbers that confirm the importance to put firmly at the Centre of the Italian economic policy the development of industry and which were made possible primarily thanks to the initiative on global markets of our core of small and medium-sized enterprises. How to strengthen this core, inside of which the SMEs also stand out for Italian manufacturing productivity levels significantly higher than those of German and French competitors, will be discussed at a Conference to Put on September 9 with the presentation of the Oecd Report on SME policies and entrepreneurship in Italy. The Italian Government will provide more opportunities to generate, through the industry, a positive jolt to economic growth. . Related facts can be read clicking home page.

The jihadists of Isis wants to infect the world with the bubonic plague.

The bubonic plague used as a bacteriological weapon against Westerners. It would be one of the projects of the jihadist militia of Isis, discovered by Harald Doornbos and Jenan Mussa, two very active journalists on the Syrian scenario. As we read in the latest issue of Foreign policy, the u.s. International Policy magazine owned by the Washington post, the two have managed to recover a laptop that belonged to an Islamic extremist, still functioning and apparently empty. Inside the folder of the "hidden files" though there was something like 146 gigabytes of documents, with more than 35 000, divided into 2 files. 367 folders: terrorist propaganda documents, practical instructions on how to build bombs, robbing transportation or travel without getting caught. But what has most caught the attention of reporters, explaining how to use the bubonic plague western enemies in terrorist attacks. Specifically, we talk about a Tunisian jihadi, chemistry expert. by Muhammed s. explaining how to test the bacillus of plague and how to spread it. It should be said that the threat of bacteriological attacks looks set to remain so for terrorists. . Before it can infect the world with plague, State Islamic militants must first get hold of the bacterium, reproduce it in sufficient quantities and thus discover a way of efficient use without risking contaminating themselves. In the texts, it is advisable to use "small grenades with the virus", in areas most frequented by people such as stadiums or subways, but doesn’t say how to build these weapons. However Governments are worried already that the jihadists believe the biological functional and viable strategy. . You should read the following to discover more regarding this interesting topic.

Change at the top for the Armani Milano.

Change at the top of diriganziale EA7 Emporio Armani Milano. In a statement the club champion of Italy, President Livio Offsprings that starting from the upcoming season will leave his position in favor of Flavio Portaluppi, currently general manager of the company. After six years of active participation in the new and exciting course of Olimpia Milano-explains Offsprings are forced, for professional reasons that they see me engaged in first person on too many fronts inside the Armani Group, to leave my role as President in good hands by Flavio Portaluppi that ricoprira ‘ this position using the valuable contribution of Simon Casali in new role as general manager, by Filippo Leoni to the position of team manager and Claudio Lana confirmed the direction marketing communication &. The efforts of Giorgio Armani’s patron is not questioned: for the avoidance of doubt-does know yet Offsprings-remember that remain unaffected enthusiasm and the willingness of Mr. Armani to support this sports project in the long run and that consequently his group will continue to support the company Olimpia Milan which holds the total stock control. For me, from the emotional point of view, this posting it is painful but the thing that makes it less difficult is knowing that the rudder will in the hands of a great professional and a true Lord and great man Olympia which Flavio Portaluppi. Very much hope him to coach Luca Banchi with his admirable passion and energy, to the great Captain Alexander Kind representing the players and all the components of the Olympia, to have just won the scudetto is just the beginning of a long ride-ending winning Offsprings-what foods sempre di piu ‘ the rediscovered enthusiasm and passion alive for all our fans and all fans of great basketball. . You can click the following article to learn more about this great topic.

Europa League: Naples with Sparta Prague, FC Dnipro for Inter. Fiorentina is Paok, Copenhagen for Turin.

Monte-Carlo-it is a draw all the four positive in Italy involved in the group stage of the Europa League. In Monaco were defined the twelve groups of four teams that will give life to the first phase of the second European Cup. Running for our country in Napoli, Inter, Fiorentina and Torino. And it didn’t go badly. Napoli, relegated to the Europa League after exiting in the Champions League preliminaries if will see in Group I with Czechs Sparta Prague, the Swiss Young Boys and Slovaks of Slovan Bratislava. Inter, promoted to group stage after double success on Sporting, will face in Group F Ukrainians of Dnipro, French St. Etienne and Azeris of Qarabag. For Fiorentina, inserted in Group K, challenges with the Greeks of Paok Thessaloniki, the French club Guingamp and Belarusians of Dinamo Minsk. Torino, the only of the four Italian clubs not from the first band (it was placed in the third) will challenge in Group B the Belgians of Bruges, the Danes of Copenhagen and the Finns of Helsinki. Group A: Villarreal, Borussia Moenchengladbach, Zurich, Apollon LimassolGruppo B: Copenhagen, Bruges, Torino, HelsinkiGruppo C: Tottenham, Besiktas, Partizan Belgrade, AsterasGruppo Q: Salzburg, Celtic, Dinamo Zagreb, And AstraGruppo: Psv Eindhoven, Panathinaikos, Estoril, Dinamo MoscaGruppo F: Inter, Dnipro, St. Etienne, Qarabag Group G: Seville, Standard Liege, Feyenoord, RijekaGruppo H: Lille, Wolfsburg, Everton, Krasnodar Group I: Naples, Sparta Prague, Young Boys, Slovan BratislavaGruppo J: Dynamo Kyiv, Steaua Bucharest, Rio Ave, AalborgGruppo k: Fiorentina, Paok, Guingamp, Dinamo MinskGruppo l: Metalist Kharkiv, Trabzonspor, Legia Warsaw, LokerenFORMULA and DATE-the first day is scheduled on September 18, the latest the 11 December. Qualify for round the top two teams in each group. Will play the final on 27 may in Warsaw. What’s new in this Edition: the champion team will be rewarded with a place in the play-offs for the Champions League next season. . Inspirational source can be found checking this

Is the call for a boycott illegal?

For several weeks, the BDS – Boycott, divestment, Sanctions – campaign, flowers all over the place in Europe and particularly in France, revived by the situation in Gaza. Her goal? Convince citizens to use the marks and Israeli funding until the Jewish State decide not its ‘colonial policy ‘. But in June, the president of the Chamber of commerce France-Israel, Henri Cukierman, stressed in a statement that "the French law prohibited the boycott because of race, religion or nationality."To what extent is the call for a boycott really illegal in France? On what basis can the activists be prosecuted? Two legal bases provide for the prosecution calls for a boycott: Act of 1881 on the press which punishes one year imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros public provocation to discrimination and the penal code (article 225-2) which States that "hinder the normal exercise of an economic activity any» is discrimination. Since four years, french courts have indeed rendered illegible and conflicting decisions. Paris, Bobigny or Pontoise judges have acquitted activists continued to be posted on the shelves of supermarkets, leaflets in hand. But in Bordeaux, the BDS campaign activist was sentenced to a fine of 1000 euros for having posed stickers calling for a boycott on a bottle of fruit juice and a cash register. The confusion reached its height when, on May 24, 2012, the Court of cassation confirms Bordeaux activist,. and two days later, the Court of appeal of Paris relaxes in another which was posted on a website a video calling for a boycott. Paris judges do that "peaceful criticism of the policy of a State covered by the free play of political debate, in the heart of the concept of democratic society". More recently, in November, the Court of appeal of Colmar felt that the call for a boycott was indeed wrong: "the incitement to discrimination cannot enter the right to freedom of opinion and expression as it is a positive act of rejection, manifested by inciting operate differential treatment with respect to a class of persons".in this case the producers of goods installed in Israel. "In this case, the militants seized the Court of cassation which will have again the opportunity to give a position, this time on the bottom. . Extended facts can be read reading

La Rochelle: the PS Slingers ready to do battle with Valls.

Meeting in summer, the support of Holland and his Prime Minister will face an opposition within a more divided PS. In the train that takes him to La Rochelle, a Socialist fun by reading her horoscope in the newspaper: "You will be forced to choose your side in a trade dispute." Choose his camp, for or against François Holland and Manuel Valls, it’s good that it will be three days, occasionally del’ Summer University of the PS that starts Friday in La Rochelle. Sign of the tension that surrounds this event, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis has already launched in the Mondeune warning to his comrades: "I call all the Socialists for not overplaying their differences because it mutates into differences and it ends in divisions." But with regard to the tensions that run through the party, the first Secretary of the Socialist Party has little chance to be heard. Because rarely the PS will be addressed this traditional venue in an also deleterious climate. Monday, the expulsion of Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon Government had already worried the slingers. Tuesday, the arrival at the former investment banker Emmanuel Macron Bercy reinforced their fears. And Wednesday, the speech by Manuel Valls before the Medef, ovationne standing, completed to convince them that it was high time to sound the charge against this Prime Minister determined to "swallow force his social-liberal potion". . You should click this link to discover extra about this amazing topic.