Fight against the IS: nestled in the Syrian Kobans arrived.

The first nestled in the northern Iraq have arrived to reinforce in the Northern Syrian city Kobans. Ten fighters arrived late Thursday morning in the embattled enclave in according to the Syrian Observatory for human rights. The rest of the Pesh unit expected in the coming hours. The fighters from the northern Iraq have heavy weapons and to help the Kurds in Kobans, to defend the city against attackers of the terrorist militia Islamic State. The Turkish Government had enables the units the passage to northern Syria. The IS according to activists attacked the northern sector of the Northern Syrian city Kobans with heavy artillery on Thursday. With the continuous shelling has succeeded the extremists, to stop the incoming reinforcements from the Iraq, the Syrian Observatory for human rights said on Thursday. The Kurdish self defense forces (YPG) had but successfully repel an IS offensive on the city. According to the direct London-based Observatory, Rami Abdel Rahman, there were several deaths on pages of the jihadists. Their bodies were located for hours on the streets, until they had been recovered, he said. The defenders of the besieged Syrian Kurdish city Kobans get reinforcement not only on the ground, but continues to be military support from the air. U.S. warplanes flew eight new air attacks on Dschihadistenkämpfer near the border on Tuesday and Wednesday, as reported by the troop command. Six vehicles, multiple fighting positions and a building of IS militia had been attacked. In the Iraq, fighter jets and drones bombed so six more goals in the northerly Sinjar, as well as in Fallujah West of Baghdad. . Extended information can be found reading

A 1.5 million dollar expensive mistake.

The case recalls the transfer error the State Development Bank KfW, although the extent is much lower. The American newspaper "New York Times" reported about an accidental transfer of the Swiss Bank Credit Suisse to a hedge fund, which was already in process. In the German press, the transfer of KfW to the collapsed Lehman Brothers hit high waves. The State Development Bank had transferred $320 million in September 2008 at the American Investment Bank. However, his inability to pay Lehman Brothers had reported the previous evening. This was the top story, because it represented the culmination of long-simmering financial crisis. The money went first in the bankrupt estate, roughly two-thirds received back in the meantime Bank financing. But the tabloids had christened them there already on "Germany’s dumbest Bank". Still very gently bypasses the Swiss press with Credit Suisse in contrast: on the Internet page of the tabloid "Blick", the speech was only of a "mega breakdown". The money transferred the Bank on an account that had a Florida-based hedge funds at a branch of the Royal Bank of Canada in Toronto. The report of the "New York Times" according to Galbraith should have refused to consent to the referral on February 5, the Royal Bank of Canada. On the same day he wrote a Credit Suisse employee but in an E-Mail, that he is just on a skiing holiday. "Don’t panic, I take care of it", he added. Meanwhile, Galbraith could no longer live in the United States. The "New York Times" refers to friend of Galbraith, who claim that he now live with his second wife in Europe, possibly in Monaco. Indicates a warning of the Monegasque financial supervisory authority last month. There was a company with the name "Galbraith Capital" pointed out and warned to do business with the company. Apparently not only Credit Suisse has unpaid bills with the hedge fund. A computer company to have receivables of 130000 dollars from fees. As the "New York Times" further reported the Hedgefonds von Galbraith has had his best time in the year 2007 with a return of 22 percent. But in the past few years, the performance was so modest that Galbraith has decided to close the hedge fund. . Related facts can be read clicking hyperlink.


Milan, Oct. 29 (Reuters Health)-As the busy streets of a big city, even the cells of our body have a ‘ rush hour ‘. Indeed a few: more or less at the sunrise and sunset are more active than in the rest of the day and night. He discovered a group of scientists from the American University of Pennsylvania, that in a study conducted on animals and published on Pnas ‘ has monitored during the 24 hours the genetic activity-then the function-12 cell types of tissue. From the liver, kidney from lung to the aorta from the heart to the brain, skeletal muscles from fat. The research findings have practical applications: in particular, they can help to take the drugs in the most appropriate time, when the hope of effectiveness is high. For example, cholesterol-lowering statins should be taken in the evening. It is well known the influence that our internal biological clock exerts on elements such as mood changes, physical endurance, alert, or on risk of heart attacks. In an experiment on mice, John Hogenesch and colleagues examined the impact of different times of the day on the activity of Dna. Every 2 hours controlled the functions of different tissue samples and found that 43% of the genes involved in the production of proteins modified its activity throughout the day. Because many genes govern different activities in more than one fabric, the conservative estimate of scientists is that over half of the genes have activity fluctuations in 24 hours. The most dynamic organ was the liver, with 3. 168 active genes differently according to circumstances, against 642 genes affected by now detected in the hypothalamus in the brain. In the study were observed in particular 2 Windows of ‘ hyperactivity ‘: Sunrise and sunset. It is known that some drugs work better when taken at certain times of the day. For example, since heart diseases are associated with ‘ caps ‘ of cholesterol that builds up in the arteries, and since this fat is manufactured in the liver at night, take Statins at night makes them more effective. The authors of the study estimated that, in the ‘ top 100 ‘ of essential medicines classified by the World Health Organization, more than half (56) operate on clock-sensitive genes ‘. Genes, that is, which undergoes oscillations during the day. I hope that you can use this information to plan the best treatment schemes with drugs already on the market, Hogenesch explains to Bbc. An even more intriguing because it does not involve additional costs, notes the author. Simon Archer, an expert in chronobiology at the University of Surrey (UK), agrees the potential opened by the new job: If the 40-50% of the genes has an activity that oscillates during the 24 hours, knowing it can be very important. Thousands, millions of people potentially could benefit simply by changing the schedule of taking a therapy. Reflects Andrew Loudon of the British University of Manchester: drug companies are doing everything to prolong the duration of action of pills that can be taken once a day, but we need targeted therapies with a short half-life, i.e. they stay active the time right to exercise more than its action with minimal side effects. Learn about useful ‘ window ‘ in which hiring you might be decisive. . Original facts may be read checking this homepage.

DFB-Pokal: HSV WINS no chance against Bayern – Gladbach continue.

Lasogga, provided the only hamburger shots on goal which the ball pummelled beyond the gate or in Manuel Neuer found his master. Otherwise erased the efforts of North long before the Bayern box. At the latest after the second goal broke the morale of the HSV. In the second half also Ribéry, came after this season overcoming injury for the first time from the outset played his goal after a shot fake off. Borussia Mönchengladbach turns on on the road to success. The Rhinelander won their Cup second-round game on Wednesday night at Eintracht Frankfurt 2-1 (1-0) and thus convert under coach Lucien Favre continue in the footsteps of the legendary Colt team of Hennes Weisweiler. On Sunday in the Tracker duel against Hoffenheim, Borussia adjust club record of their coaching legend from the season 1970/71 with 17 matches without defeat. Thorgan hazard (17) and Ibrahima Traoré (67) shot the guests in front of 46 500 spectators in the Frankfurt football arena for the first time in three years again in the Cup knockout stage. The goal of the Czechs Vaclav Kadlec was slightly late in the 89th minute. Noble technician Roberto Firmino has led the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim in the knockout stage. The Brazilians at the 5:1 (2:0) against second division FSV Frankfurt arsenal shone a few days after his initial appointment to the Seleção. The 23-year-old first hit by Sven Schipplock (23rd minute) and Yannik Vestergaard (45 + 3), initiated before he provided the decision with a dream gate by bicycle kick in the 57th minute and his outstanding performance in the final minute with the crowned 5:1. Also the fourth goal by the just substitute Anthony Modeste (72nd) and the Frankfurt consolation goal by André Schembri (80th) had only statistical value. In the eighth-finals, Bayern Munich faces a grateful task. The Cup defenders may 16 in the round of the best early March before the fans up against the second division side Eintracht Braunschweig. The only amateur club in the competition, ex-Bundesliga Kickers Offenbach, Borussia Mönchengladbach can look forward on a knockout match against the first division side. A fantastic Los raved kickers coach Rico Schmitt at the draw by news spokeswoman Judith Rakers late Wednesday evening in the ARD. . Root data may be read checking the following

+++ Germany ticker +++ – 21 year old comes off road and racing against a tree.

08 04 o’clock: trier – burned it in an asylum recording facility in Trier in the early Thursday morning. Several people suffered slight smoke poisoning, as reported by the police. The fire was extinguished. To the cause, extent of damage or the number of injuries the police couldn’t make first details. Overall, there are three focal points for refugees in Rhineland-Palatinate, the main building of the host organisation in Trier, a branch office in Trier and one in Ingelheim.   07. 46 pm: Olsberg – a motorist has been in an accident killed in Olsberg (Hochsauerlandkreis). The 21-year-old was lost on Wednesday night with his car on a straight stretch of a highway and driving against a tree, as the police announced on Thursday. The cause of the accident is still unclear.   06 23: 00: Wust – unknown an ATM in Wust (district of Stendal) blew up. The thieves would have initiated a mixture of gases in the device early Thursday morning and caused such a blast, a police spokesman said. Debris had flown around in the Bank. No one was injured. Still, it is unclear how much money the unknown have captured. Until mid-October unknown jerichow (Jerichower land district) had blown up an ATM and took tens of thousands euros.   . You should click this fact to discover extra about this interesting topic.

The last days of Brittany: I’m sick Saturday kill myself.

NEW YORK-want to live, indeed. Enjoy the landscape. It’s just gone in the Grand Canyon, with husband and parents. For the first and last time. A sight to leave you breathless. But it will not. Brittany must die. This was decided she, also announced the day this Saturday. Shortly after celebrating the birthday of Dan, her husband. Then it’ll read, greeted friends, two dogs, put his favorite music, and will be gone forever. Has 29 years, it’s only child, married by 2012, has no children. It’s the thing I regret most. It was just an unknown teacher. One of the many graduates in psychology at Berkeley. Now is an American Beauty without american dream. Her cover on the popular weekly magazine People was the fifth most read story. His most important selfie is not a star, but an MRI of the brain. Malignant tumour, glioblastoma of fourth level. Diagnosed in April: six months to live. Totally unnecessary: the operation (already done) and cures. I don’t want to have a head full of radiation burns. Brittany Maynard lived in San Francisco, she moved to Portland, Oregon, where 17 years euthanasia is legalized. Did not make a knee-jerk, but reasoned choice: I’m not depressed, or tending to suicide don’t want to die, but I’m dying. And I want to do it my way, with dignity. I spoke with many experts and I have explained that this cancer will eat so terrible. You can choose to leave in decent manner soothes you a bit on the ila missionary priest. Anyone who believes that the choice of Montpellier and of those who take the backpack and go, you are wrong. Is there anyway the bureaucracy of the transfer. I had to change doctors and residence, rent houses, ask for a new licence and subscribe to the list of voters. Legal assistance was provided by Compassion Choices that seems & a tv series, but is instead an organization that fights with a campaign for laws on euthanasia be approved throughout the United States and not just the four that now allow. The video of Brittany has divided America: can a choice so personal become something to click and end up in the show? Put the terminally ill in the first page is not moral, instrumental to a cause. In short: she has been accused of selling out, a drama on offer, and the Association to buy a testimonial to get publicity. In addition there was also a Dr. Ira Byock, a specialist in palliative medicine: they badly informed. Might have excellent care. Assisted suicide is not a personal choice, but a social Act. And then doctored the photo on the front page. How: you’re dying and you worry about your appearance? Lifting from the last hour. Stuff by Marie Antoinette and Mata Hari. Compassion Choises & doesn’t want to hear about a Brittany remote control. Our mission is to raise public and political system. It is she who has tried offering as a testimonial of our cause. And it did so-the after taking its decisions, have felt clinicians, have caused the lethal drugs. Will there be a chance for everyone to die with dignity and not only for those who have the money to relocate in States that allow the practice. This is not the case of Eluana Englaro, for 17 years in a vegetative state for a traffic accident, until 2009 when her father Beppino won permission to stop force-feeding. Eluana (alive) had repeatedly expressed its willingness to have escaped the life-prolonging measures. It would be nice not to judge Brittany, not divide, not argue. How many of us struggling with a difficult dive from a cliff, say to a friend: look at me. Because if you see me I have less fear. And now you can hold your hand even online. If only you could appreciate the lifestyle choice of a girl who no longer has postponed its cravings: went to Yellowstone National Park and sea kayak Alaska glaciers. To make everyone understand that defer things is wrong, even if you’re not sick. The day after his trip to the Grand Canyon has felt bad: fainting, headache, loss of speech, fatigue. Fortunately, my family is taking care of me. Know your expiration date is terrible. Even if you have autoconfezionata and brings our signature. In many, even incurable, clamoring for Brittany to think again. And, above all, to leave a door open to doubt: but can you once it is announced on tv its fine, until a next installment? Because if sharing is very public, The End becomes a written on everyone’s calendar. Since Oregon euthanasia law exists on 1. 173 people who have required only 752 have been using it. Brittany would be the number 753. But we would like to say that this Saturday will change your mind. It depends on my condition, if they are acceptable, I will go ahead. Is my choice. Know that I have the medicine in your Pocket giving me peace of mind. Short happy life of Brittany Maynard. But her mom Debbie understood. And when her daughter will no longer be on Machu Picchu Peru. We have appointment at the top. Where my spirit will finally be free. . For additional regarding this matter visit

Fed ends the era of cheap money: Greenspan expected difficulties.

Alan Greenspan has much experienced in his nearly 20 years as Fed Chairman: he has long as Maestro, end up as contributor of the financial crisis. He doesn’t now, he expresses his successors – on a smooth phase-out of the cheap money policy. Greenspan considers a smooth phase-out of the phase of ultra loose monetary policy therefore unlikely. I don’t think that this is possible, Greenspan said at a meeting of the Council of foreign relations in New York think tank. The end of bond purchases announced midweek by the US Federal Reserve was expected so the market – finally the incumbent Fed Chief Janet Yellen and her predecessor, Ben Bernanke had announced the gradual phase-out of the multi-billionaire stabilization measures late last year and held on the scheduled reduction month for month. The US stock markets had closed following the recent Fed decision with slight losses. The question is really exciting from the perspective of experts, however, when exactly the fed for the first time again wants to raise interest rates since the financial crisis. The so-called interest turn is expected mid-2015 at the earliest on the markets. When is the right time, he could not answer, Greenspan said that usual diplomatically. In financial circles, it is actually as uncommon if not as inadmissible, to comment on the actions of his successor. In the United States since late 2008 on the historic record low level, the interest rate is between zero and 0.25 percent. Greenspan himself is itself controversial among experts. Many economists before him, to have left monetary policy loose too long after the dotcom crash. So the bubble in the US housing market had been ready for, that burst in 2007 and led to a recession of the world economy. Asked about these accusations, Greenspan remained firmly and held on to his previous line. He would do it again, now 88 economists reiterated. . Additional data can be inspected clicking url.

VIDEO. Football: Ribéry grabbed by a supporter in Cup of Germany.

Despite the victory of Bayern Muncih in Hamburg (3-1), Wednesday evening Cup of Germany, Franck Ribéry was not the smile at the end of the meeting. The French, author of a goal, took party in extra-time by an opposing supporter. The latter runs to Franck Ribéry and attempts to deal him a blow with his scarf. Midfielder of the team of France, who announced his international retirement this summer, did not at all appreciate and heads, very pissed to the specimen. But it recedes, little courageously, by sending two fingers of honour to his ‘victim’ of the evening. The stewards then arrive to master while Franck Ribéry teammates come calm him.   The French made his return on the grounds mid-October, after a succession of injuries and a complicated season. He was notably absent from the World Cup and has struggled to collect a 3rd place at the Golden Ball. . For additional data regarding this topic read

Gone Girl: Fincher degraded by feminists.

Gone Girl features Nick and Amy Dunne, a young couple married living in the State of Missouri. All their smiles until the day of their fifth wedding anniversary, where Nick becomes aware of the disappearance of his wife. Under pressure from the police and the panic of the media, the image of the model couple, in any case comply with the American dream flies. Very quickly, the lies of Nick and his strange behavior grow investigators and the media to ask the same question: he killed his wife? Indeed, the first hour of the film passed, the viewer realizes that the female main character, played by Rosamund Pike, is not the sweet and nice woman believed. Humiliated, deceived and hurt, she orchestrates a Machiavellian plan to cruelly avenge her husband. First, Nick is more really meet prince charming married 5 years earlier. Worse, he is cheating with one of his students despite the efforts of his wife to reignite the flame in their couple. For the association fighting against the mysogysme Gone Girl scenario is therefore unforgivable. "Certainly could argue that for once, women do not be passive victims. But it is far from a portrait of a strong, heroic woman in adversity, a model to follow for the spectators. "Amy is a great patient, a great guilty: guilty of being a maniac and possessive woman ready for everything to save the appearance of its torque", read on the website of the feminist association. Crystallize the blackness of Gone Girl around the female character to shout to a form of sexism appears to be relatively dishonest when you know the work of Fincher. Through nine feature films, the Director was able to assert itself as a skilled filmmaker developing several obsessions. Thus, violence, nihilism, the fight between good and evil, psychological and physical pain and alienation are the often controversial themes that haunt his cinema. But ‘the masculinism?’, is still,. If David Fincher is Director, Gone Girl is an adaptation of the bestseller the appearances, straight out of the imagination of Gillian Flynn. This writer also wrote the screenplay of the feature film. In 2012, when the release of his book in France by editions sonatinas, Flynn explains the intentions of his detective story via an interview: "to write a thriller, I like to draw my inspiration from this idea that within your own home, supposed to be secure, loved may eventually be the main danger. It is also a story point of view. I wanted that the reader be separated between Amy and Nick, it is unclear which party choose. » . Original facts could be read clicking the following page.

Iran, Wsj: Apple prepares to enter the Iranian market with the iPhone.

New York, Oct. 29 (Afpenglish)-Apple is preparing to enter the Iranian market in view of a possible agreement between Tehran and the international community on the nuclear programme and a further easing of economic sanctions in force against the country. According to the revealed today by the Wall Street Journal, the Cupertino company has already made contacts and initiated negotiations with potential local distributors for the sale of iPhone in General thaw climate that characterizes today the relations between Tehran and the West. But Apple is not the first major American company to try to enter the country of mullahs. Boeing last week announced it had sold to Iran Air flight manuals and maps for navigation for the first time since 1979, the year of the Islamic revolution. General Electric took contact to sell technology for the generation of electricity and for the sale of personal computers. For Apple to sell iPhone in Tehran is theoretically possible yield from a decision made last may by the American authorities to cancel a ban on sales of telecommunications technologies to Iran. A certainly attractive market, said the Wsj: the Iran counts 77 million people and potential consumers, for 42% under 25 years. . For extra insights on this topic check