TV channel cross series after rape allegations with Bill Cosby.

As they abuse in 2002 in her memoirs "No. lifeguard on duty: the accidental life of the world’s first supermodel" wanted to describe Cosby put them under pressure. "I’m now public, my story because it is true. I think the other women,"she said. Against the Siebenundsiebzigjährigen accusations had become a few weeks ago again loud, when the comedian of Hannibal Buress reviled him as a rapist. Also the actress Barbara Bowman accused her supposed mentor as a teenager have abused her. Cosby allegedly at least ten women and girls has sexually harassed in the past 40 years. The TV series cancelled now NBC from September with Cosby is the industry journal "Hollywood Reporter" according to one still at the development stage comedy series, in the Cosby play the Patriarch of a family should. Netflix online video platform already announced on Tuesday that the transmission of new comedy show ("Bill Cosby 77") should now be moved. She would have to be broadcast on November 28. Cosby has rejected repeated all the allegations. "Mr. Cosby wants to not acknowledge these accusations by he commented they", his lawyer wrote last Sunday in a statement. . You can read this fact to read more on this amazing matter.

Catalan prosecutors point out that most not disobeyed, because there was no direct order.

Following the writing of the Catalan prosecutors, Torres-Dulce agreed to convene urgently to the dome of the prosecution, despite objections by the top Prosecutor of Catalonia. In the document submitted to Torres-Dulce, of eight pages, Catalan prosecutors refer to the repeal, through law organic 2/05 of June 22, articles that the organic law of December 2003 that penalizes the call or the authorization, without competition or attribution to do so, elections General, regional or local or popular consultations. The reasons that prompted the legislator to repeal through the thing 2/05 of June 22 that precept are beyond our valuation, but they abound in the argument that, before a conduct of some typical complexity, as it developed in the territory of Catalonia last day 9, direct the criminal response to a crime of disobedience common can find unwanted areas of impunitysays the letter. Catalan prosecutors recognize in your document the existence of a copious scientific about the ability to debate so that the crime of disobedience encompasses any reluctant behavior or rebel as agreed by the judicial authority. However, in the case of consultation of the 9N, considered that the existence of a specific, precise and specific order is contentious for the catalan Government to be make a crime of disobedience if not it paralyzed the participatory process. Catalan prosecutors stresses that the President of the Generalitat was able to know the content of the resolution of the Constitutional Court, which ordered to suspend the inquiry, while running TC did not steer any requirement to specific or determined person. If we attribute this (the resolution of the TC) condition therefore budget ordeny of the crime of disobedience, it seems reasonable that such an order should achieve and rally, after its publication in the Official Gazette (Official Gazette) and in the DOGC (Official Journal of the Generalitat), all authorities and public officials of the territory in which the celebration of the participatory process took placesays the letter. Catalan prosecutors indicate, Furthermore, that the omission of this requirement seems to respond to a decision pondered by the Constitutional Court. In this sense, remember that the State Attorney urged the publication of the resolution of the TC in the official newspapers for their proper and immediate compliance with the responsibilities to which its violation could give rise. However, according to emphasise the Catalan prosecutors, this request of the solicitor of the State not was collected at the constitutional resolution, unless it fits to infer that in matter of significance was due to an unintentional oversight. In a written attachment of five pages, Catalan prosecutors insist that the jurisprudence establishes the requirement of prerequisite to appreciate the existence of a crime of disobedience, and, in the case of the 9N, it consists not that there has been this requirement that simply reported resolution of the TC. In addition, Catalan prosecutors need to, since the Government invoked article 161. 2 of the Constitution to file their appeal against the 9N with TC, this body had to agree the suspension invoked without any further formality, in an operator waiting for the final decision. For this reason, Catalan prosecutors stress that the conviction of the Constitutional Court to suspend the inquiry was limited by the invocation of article 161 Government. 2 of the Constitution and thus should be raised if we can talk properly of disobedience to the ‘will’ of the decision-making body – concludes. . Additional data can be inspected visiting

Good out of the kitchen garden: how community gardening.

I was on the road at the weekend and visited a group of people that creates a self catering garden in a backyard in an Austrian town. The community gardening was created thirty years ago in the United States, in New York. So-called problem area could find people to each other, to replace green in their living environment. In addition to the Garteln were also social meeting places and an intercultural exchange. As people sat close together then, shared otherwise not many points of contact. Found about the joint work in the garden but to each other. Today is similar. Whenever I visit community gardens, and with the people there speak, I encounter a cultural and social diversity. And all these wonderful islands of diversity to remain somehow anonymous. That’s understandable, since the use of this land is based mostly on handshake and verbal agreement with the owners. And not too much fuss about the project wants to make, because most people with special social needs in community gardens are active. I understand this secrecy as a kind of protection for all parties involved. Finally, something outside the norm is tested in such intercultural gardens. The group, which I visited at the weekend, currently working their land. Compost, made available by the community, was taken on the beds and incorporated. The water supply is activated. Now lacks power. And on first beds you could reap quite a bit this year. I saw on the beds are even salad. And a walnut donated this year säckeweise nuts in the middle of the garden square. . You must check this blog to read more about this amazing topic.

Islamic State: how the French find themselves recruited by radical Islamists.

The spread of conspiracy theories to attract Internet users without specific spiritual aspiration. The authors of the report explain indeed even before mentioned religion, to target personalities feel revolted. Must be before persuading them of the existence of a conspiracy by the strong on the weak and thus create a paranoia. One of the first ways is to break ties with recreation. Sport, play an instrument or switch on a musical radio is no longer possible, as recounted by a parent: she listens more music. I don’t have the right to put in the car or in the House. Then came the separation with the school environment, which would prevent to devote himself to God. Once cut off from their environment, young people should then gradually erase their singularity. Behavioural and dress standards are imposed. To maximize their resemblance to members of radical groups, and exacerbate the differences with their family and relatives. The young must not ask questions but evacuate his doubt. Question is to doubt God and prove that in fact, it is not elected. If an elected official to possess the truth, it includes no questions asked, summarizes the report. . Additional info can be read checking

Squinzi: we make a few reforms and good. The mother of all battles? The fight against unnecessary bureaucracy.

In the aftermath of the agreement in the majority on the Jobs act and on article 18, the President of Confindustria Giorgio Squinzi is serene, "Council President Matteo Renzi has given us reassurances, and I have no reason to doubt that needs to maintain its positions". But the caution is a must. "Expect to see the final text-said on the sidelines of a Conference on the role of Guido Carli organized by the Industrial Association of Brescia-because of changes in the race certainly were made." On 12 December general strike declared by the Cgil and Uil, Squinzi confined itself to a joke: ‘ With low levels of activity that we have right now in the industry may be an advantage. " «Disperdiamoci Not on too many goals» In general Squinzi urged not to waste energy: «we have the objectives at hand, not disperdiamoci on too many goals, some fair and ambitious, but that all together they become flimsy: do these few reforms and let’s do good». With the thought of the "mother of all battles": "the commitment to reduce unnecessary bureaucracy". Citing the lesson of Guido Carli, said that reformative action must be smart, steady and absolutely more», the number one of Viale dell’astronomia stated that "only by resolving the structural nodes that have affected the Italian economy well before the recent crisis, and that they have worsened the consequences, you can continue to build a strong and lasting growth." But the roadmap has to be tightened: «the times appear inappropriate policy», however, the speed of change in the economy, leading to insufficient actions ‘ in relation to need ". The flight of youth is damage with mockery Squinzi has returned to blame the flight of young people abroad. Damage, but also "a mockery" to our economic system, because the country invests "to educate them, to make it grow and then see them go away: it is a great setback," even in the light of absolute excellence» of our education system. "It’s up to us-said the President of industrial robots-to restart the country’s economy to give these young people a reason to stay in the country to give their contribution". . Related info can be read checking

Environment, 33 thousand square meters of fly-tipping seized in Sardinia.

Asbestos sheets, construction scraps, fiberglass, foam polystyrene, hydraulic and electrical equipment, appliances, tires, iron and plastic, fiberglass, pharmaceutical waste, gas bottles, car batteries, paint, shutters and panels in polyester. Are waste that the Guardia di Finanza has identified some land turned into during an operation in Sardinia is named, stands for Identify, denounce, revert and warn, who has just concluded with the participation of dozens of military and naval operations department. . The inspections have led to the seizure of land for a total of, a building used as a warehouse, two containers and abandoned vehicles, 16 in large holes, ready to be covered with Earth and tons of special and dangerous waste. The fly-tipping and illegal activities have been identified to, in Cagliari, a, a in Ogliastra, a and a. Yellow flames have also started laden controls two landfill operators in relation to the payment of this tax by 2010 to 2013. Already found against them on non-payment for about 100,000 euros. . You can click this to discover more regarding this amazing subject.

Sarkozy, more candidate, less head.

Is a manager not more knowing cheffer always a leader? Logically, no. Nicolas Sarkozy still wants to believe that its loss of leadership maintains its status of candidate the Presidency of the UMP and once install to the 8th floor of the ge of the party if, it will resume the hand. Opponents of the President ex-pr did not permit pass the opportunity to criticize such a turnaround. When you are a man of State, when one wants to embody the France, most importantly when it was President of the public, we do (c) not a crowd, a tacl Manuel Valls. It has a former pr President of the public who wants to be leader but who, under pressure of 2000 people, told them what they wanted to hear. does not make s tr Chief, says the Express, camp Le Maire. Damien Abad, another support of d put the Eure, sees the loss of authority of the former head of State, another explanation e li to the context: parliamentarians no longer want to be in a ratio of subordination. They are more b or-Yes-Yes. Nicolas Sarkozy is no longer head of arm es, there is no longer need of toy soldiers. � . Extended data can be read checking

Tax privilege: EU Commissioner has more countries in its sights.

Brussels – Margrethe Vestager competition guardian wants to tackle massive tax privileges for large enterprises in the EU – in other EU countries. There could be new investigations, the Dane told the Handelsblatt. Because of unlawful fiscal aid Vestagers had opened proceedings in Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Ireland predecessor Joaquín Almunia. Vestager called four other possible countries. We have asked for information about specific companies also Britain, Belgium, Malta and Cyprus, she said. In these cases, there could be new investigations. Just as there may also be proceeding in the three countries where there currently,. In Luxembourg the suspicion of the EU competition authority on unlawful fiscal aid for the online retailer Amazon and the financial subsidiary of the Auto Group hardened apparently Fiat itself. Vestager said in both cases – so Amazon and Fiat – there is serious doubt whether these companies were treated like other companies in a similar position. However, companies and authorities should provide the necessary information, the Commissioner stressed. At Amazon and Fiat, which is the case now. Luxembourg wants not deliver so far but still a list with all tax agreements in full in the period from 2010 to 2012. Just so we can us gain insight and determine, whether a tax preference in certain cases, the Commissioner said. Therefore she threatened with a lawsuit before the European Court of Justice also Luxembourg. . Main facts can be studied clicking this

Toni Kroos: The best scorer.

And because it fit pretty good that this Kroos had a formative presence once again at the season finale on Tuesday evening in Vigo. After he decided the test match against Spain with his shot in the 89th minute for the benefit of the German team (albeit with friendly support of the Spanish replacement goalkeeper Casilla) and afterwards for the final minutes, the captain’s armband was allowed to slip over, he was asked by the ARD reporter to put a final word in the year 2014. And with same naturalness with the Kroos in all walks of life a snappy pass comes to mind, he said only one word: "World class." In confidence, with the Kroos since some time occurs you may him trust that he would have said the same in a less pleasing result in Vigo – what should diminish already won the World Cup in all over the world? In the light of the 1:0 against Spain and of the manner of the German team had played out it under awkward circumstances, but the better fit. At this time, it was not yet decided in which direction the game would run. It was obvious but how to bite middle of the first half in the final task of the year into the German. It produced what made Löws team works certainly no hero shine. But the setting agreed–as well as the balance between defense and offense. "Our team has managed excellently tactically it. We were very well organized", praised the national coach. And hence a bit himself. Finally Löw was allowed to take for themselves, to have made a virtue out of human misery. As was already against Gibraltar he act in the defense with a triple chain. But unlike against the amateur team from the southern tip of a means of strengthening the defensive of the Iberian Peninsula that was against the heartland of Spain: the robust and sometimes feisty professionals Höwedes, Malcolm and Rüdiger formed a Center block, which should slow the Spanish combined delight in the Centre. You could understand this sentence of the Federal coach certainly still more generally. Finally Löw took again his team after the last but moderate performances in the European Championship qualifiers in the obligation. "I wanted to see that we again have the bite and the motivation against such a strong opponent to insist, because that helps us in our development," he said. Starting with the next matches, on 25 March in Kaiserslautern against Australia and four days later at the continuation of the European Championship qualifiers in Georgia, the shake-up of the world champion finally is nothing less than to Löws agenda: an also tactical development to ensure future viability. And he and his team can go on once again this task after this victory, which was also one about the own inclination to convenience, with a better feeling. "It is a good template for next year," said Löw. Why of course not opposed to revel in memories in the days of contemplation. . For extended insights about this subject visit web site.

Middle East: synagogue attack wounded policeman dies.

Jerusalem, Nov. 18. (La Presse)-Jerusalem is dead a policeman who was injured in the attack which occurred today in a synagogue. The reported a spokesman for the Hadassah Medical Center, according to Ynet. Salt to five dead and five wounded in the attack. This morning two Palestinians, identified as Ghassan Abu Oday and cousins Jamal of the Jabal Mukaber neighborhood of East Jerusalem, broke into the synagogue during morning prayers, and they killed four rabbis; then they were themselves killed in a shootout with police. In the ultraortodosso neighborhood of Har Nof, where is the synagogue, living many immigrants from Western countries. Paramedics carry a body out of a synagogue after an attack in Har Nof, an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood on the western edge of Jerusalem, Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014. Two Palestinian cousins stormed the Jerusalem synagogue attacking worshippers with meat cleavers and a gun during morning prayers and killing four people in the city’s bloodiest attack in years. The attackers were killed in a shootout with police. (AP Photo/Mahmoud Illean). Extended information can be inspected clicking