Ottawa: Canada is less destitute as it seems to terrorism.

Canada, prime target of jihadists? Some editorials in the Canadian press are echoes, referring to the end of the innocence of the country. However, the authorities seemed to prepare for an attack. The EIS had indeed launched in September a call to Muslims to kill, in any way, military or civilian international coalition nationals. And not later than last week, the Government had submitted a Bill to grant more powers to the secret service. And for good reason: some 130 people with ties to the Canada are currently suspected of conducting activities related to terrorism abroad. Ottawa also investigates 80 individuals income recently from war zones, including Iraq and Syria. Michael Zaman-Bibeau and Martin Couture-Rouleau were on this list, and their passports had been seized to prevent them from joining veterans jihadists in the Middle East. The Canada enrolled for several years in international conflicts vectors of terrorist acts, metronews Thomas Snegaroff respite. For this historian and specialist of the geopolitical issues, the country has already been proven in terms of fight against terrorism: A vast conspiracy to target Parliament and the Prime Minister had been dismantled in 2006 in Toronto. An attempt was foiled also in 2013 on the Montreal-New York train. Feats of Canadian services which allow Thomas Snegaroff sweep the thesis according to which the Canada would be an easy target. It is an aberration to think that the United States are better protected than another country. The Boston attacks took place only a year and a half. . For additional data regarding this topic visit

The president of Ecuador pleads for the Qatar investment in his country.

The president of Ecuador Rafael Correa completed Thursday an official visit to Qatar, in which he pleaded for the gas rich Gulf countries investments in his country. Mr. Correa, who had Wednesday’s talks with the emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim Ben Hamad Al-Thani, has identified four areas of bilateral cooperation, citing those oil and petrochemical, tourism and real estate. Speaking to the Qatari businessmen at a dinner hosted in his honor Wednesday, he urged them to invest in tourism and real estate in Ecuador, including the economic growth rate expected to average 4% during the next few years, according to his remarks reported by the official agency Qna. Mr. Correa, who was to also meet Sheikha Moza al-Misnid, mother of the Qatar emir and President of Qatar Foundation, specializing in education and culture, said that his visit of 48 hours in Doha gave rise to discussions on the strengthening of academic exchanges between the two countries according to Qna. A series of agreements, including one on double taxation and another on cooperation in the media field, were signed on the first day of his visit. . You should click the following to read more about this amazing topic.

Streaming music throughout the House: the push for the apartment.

The advantage: Multi-room boxes are networked with each other and can be programmed freely. Going to the same music in the entire apartment, in each room? Or should run a drama in the third music radio in the next in a room? All this is possible with Multiroom. And even more: the music is no longer filed on physical media, but received wirelessly, for example via Internet streaming services. Although you cost a monthly fee (about 10 euro). But for a million titles of all genres are always ready for retrieval – buy CDs then is eliminated. Multiroom systems consist of individual speakers, which are networked with one another. Multiroom literally many rooms. And actually you can sound at the same time many rooms with Multiroom, unless it sets up a speaker in every room. When one enters the room, for example from the bedroom into the living room goes, if you continue listen to the piece of music or the radio show just in the other room. Is also possible to play different music for different boxes: In the children’s Motor Club Office sting then runs, in MOM’s and kitchen WDR5. Or much more. For multi-room systems can play all kinds of audio signals: radio station, radio dramas, music, podcasts. Or just everything at the same time. On some systems, it is even possible to set up two boxes in a room and to program as a stereo pair (left / right) or even as a surround sound system. Most multi-room manufacturers have speakers in different sizes and qualities on offer, from the small cube of ROAR up to the subwoofer to HiFi quality. Their sound meets the normal everyday life demands in any case. Who wants to fill a regular large rooms and parties, should take but not the cheapest boxes. The same applies to HiFi-freaks. Who is sophisticated jazz or classical music productions, should take also a little more money in the hand or even consider whether Multiroom is really the right thing for him. Multiroom systems have saved himself no music. You play only that, what a server makes available to them. This server can reside in the home: for example in the form of a (connected) PC, a network hard drive, a phone or a tablet. Who has created an MP3 collection on one of these devices, can provide you the multi-room boxes. It is also possible to play music from an Internet server. All major radio stations (and many thousand little) can be played free in this way. Whoever wants to can subscribe to also a streaming service like Spotify, Napster, or juke. For a monthly fee of 10 EUR, these services provide millions of music tracks and radio plays, including classics and current hits from all genres of music. That’s great, because every new album immediately and in full length available in this way. But no one heard the music announces to his subscription, expires can continue to listen to the music. . Similar data can be found clicking reference.

5 things to know about Buzzfeed France one year after its opening.

We have many readers in the Canada and francophone Africa, explains Scott Lamb, Vice President of international development. We are satisfied with the French experience but we now want to expand our audience. To make more original content, we recruit a person in Paris and one in New York, he says. For the moment, we are at the stage of experimentation, we’ll see what will be our course on the distance. We are not breaking news, but we are dealing with social issues, even if it is way Buzzfeed, as ‘ 22 notes that lesbians no longer want to hear ‘or ‘ 26 phrases that blacks no longer want to hear’. We are not cut off from the news, we have translated a long cultivation of purple americainsur article described the technical blunders by Dieudonneou created quizzes with Nadine Morano. Buzzfeed, already established in the United Kingdom, Australia, the Brazil, and India, should soon be interested in the Japan and the Mexico. For other countries, she experiments with a somewhat different project. Two journalists, respectively original Canadian and Filipino, hold a Twitter account on the news of their pays,@BuzzFeedCanadaet@BuzzFeedPH. The future? You must read the following page to read more regarding this interesting matter.

Berlusconi is six months social services may apply for early release.

For former premier Silvio Berlusconi trial custody to social services for a year after final conviction for the Mediaset case began on the afternoon of 23 April with the signing of the former head of Government of the minutes with the requirements established by the magistrate and that is the rules, around a dozen, which must follow special dispensations: among theseIn addition to not say offensive words and defiance against the judges and the voluntary mountain for one morning per week, the prohibition to leave Lombardy and obliged to spend the night (from 23 to 6 in the morning) Arcore, except from Tuesday to Thursday evenings, days can go to Rome, palazzo Grazioli, for his political activities. In addition to this, for example, the ban on night travel and abroad and attend affected. Today, therefore, spent the first half in custody in test regime, the former Knight may submit, at any time, the request for early release. Request that, since it is leaked, has yet to assess with her lawyers and which must be granted by judge Crosti after reading ‘ dossier ‘ of Berlusconi that will be, among other things, also submitted the semi-annual report drawn up by the head of the Uepe of Milan, Severina Panarello-with whom he talks more or less per month, and the ‘ bookings ‘ received because of a few episodes in which he used unorthodox sentences against magistrates. . Original source can be found reading the following

Iraqi journalists, other victims of the Islamic State.

Since the beheading of James Foley filmed August 19 in Syria by the Islamic State, four Westerners at the hands of the Organization have suffered the same fate. Another, British photojournalist John Cantlie, could be next on the list. Talk less, but Iraqi journalists are also the target of jihadist barbarism. At least four of them were executed since the offensive of the jihadists in Iraq. And 17 professional journalists and amateurs were killed in 18 months in the country according to Reporters without borders (RSF). On 10 October, Raad mohamed al-Malika, cameraman and photographer for Sama Salah Aldeen TV, so was beheaded in public place in Samarra, 50 km southeast of Tikrit. He was 37 years and three children. He had refused to swear allegiance to the Islamic State. Two days later, Iraqi cameraman Imad Amer Lattufi, who worked for the Department of mass media of the police of the province of Anbar, was killed in an attack the bomb which was the convoy of the police chief. . Additional information can be inspected checking reference.

The beautiful story of the day: at age 9, she helps her mother to give birth,. for the 2nd time.

Equipped with towels, the girl helps Kay to the world his second sister, while now the baby’s head which does not common sense. When relief arrived, everything is for the better. They no longer have that to cut the cord, the girl has already completed delivery. Kay, proud, tells the Express & Star newspaper: she was the quieter person of the House. She kept his composure, telling me to be quiet and good breathing. The girl in turn confides in the journal: as soon as MOM said that she was pregnant, I was preparing in case it was necessary that I intervene again. Because its 6 years old, it is already facing the delivery of its first sister. At the time, Kay loses water while she is at it. Alone with her, Francesca him prodigal first aid. Inspired by an episode of the series Casualty in which she saw a birth, the girl told her mother how to breathe and push during contractions. As for childbirth from August, midwives had more to cut the cord and clean the bathroom. . You must click this to learn extra about this amazing matter.

Ex-East 17-front man Brian Harvey: boy band singer riots prior to Downing Street.

It was a strange sight, which offered passers-by on Monday prior to the official residence of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. Brian Harvey, former frontman of the English boy band East 17, stood in sweatpants, with a large white hat, he had suffered deeply in the face, and an equally white binders under his arm at the metal gate at the entrance to Downing Street. There, he delivered a heated argument with two police officers. The boy band East 17 was extremely successful in the 1990s mainly in the United Kingdom as a rebellious alternative to the brave band take that. The band named themselves after their place of origin, the East end of London, and the corresponding postal code, became popular in Germany with hits such as Thunder, House of love, it’s alright. After the abrupt end of the group, there were increasingly negative headlines about Harvey’s personal life. So he was in Nottingham under mysterious circumstances with a knife in 2001 attacked and thereby seriously injured. It was followed by drug excesses and he suffered depression, which ultimately resulted in two suicide attempts. in 2005 he was hospitalized after a car accident in the hospital. When attempting to run over himself, with his Mercedes even he should have broken an arm. . For extended data regarding this matter visit

Renée Zellweger responds to criticisms regarding his change of appearance.

I have a different, healthier and happier life than before, and I imagine that it shows. It is in these terms that Renée Zellweger, heroine of Bridget Jones age 45 responded this Tuesday, October 21 at the criticism regarding his change of appearance very noticed, in an interview with the American magazine People.   Charged with abusing cosmetic surgery and Botox, the star swept hand aside insults towards him: it seems that the haters looking for some infamous information about me – which do exist – not will let me not quiet as long as I have nothing to answer.   Indicating find the media hype around his final Los Angeles appearance idiot, the actress said: I am pleased that the languages of Viper me are changed [,.] I spent these past years to build a home, to love somebody – editor’s Note: her partner Doyle Bramhall – and grow as a person. And conclude: maybe I have different air. But who isn’t older? HA!  . Original facts can be found clicking the following home page.

Radhakrishnan: “Europe has need of Italy. Now serves on flexibility “.

Today the Matteo Renzi Chairman will in Parliament, where he will report to the Chambers on the contents of the imminent European Summit, scheduled on 23 and 24 October in Brussels. It is a foreign policy Summit (with Isis issues and Ebola in the foreground), but especially on eurozone economic choices (with a specific working session will be devoted to the choices on energy policy); Incidentally, this will be the last act as President of the European Council of the Belgian Van Rompuy, who will be replaced by Donald Tusk. And in its report Renzi touched specifically on the agenda points in Brussels, adding that the "climate in the international economic community is rapidly changing and clarifying how the true priorities of the European institutions must be to promote economic growth," the IMF, not a Revolutionary Socialist Group, pointed out that the focus on growth is absolutely top priority [,.] For tomorrow is not a discussion about how to get out of tight margins only rigour and about how to reset a strategy that sees today European countries largely loss-making ". Moreover, continued: "Europe is the Cinderella world development is not only a problem of Italy [,.] We give 20 billion every year to the European budget, spendendone less than half, even our fault. But in any case, whenever we go to European Councils are not of Watchlist that have Europe the severe image and grim to a teacher who explains what to do. We are a country that should play a path of reflection and that is doing it because he wants to do it. " Then Radhakrishnan has claimed the path of structural reforms undertaken in recent months by the Government with the cooperation of Parliament: "we are doing our part to our children, let us not be influenced by statements in the press of people more or less close to fellow chairmen of the Council or of other European countries". . You must click the following fact to read more about this interesting matter.