Venice Film Festival: 2014 of ‘ black ‘, excitement and solitude.

Friday at five o’clock in the afternoon at the Mostra del cinema di Venezia was the official projection in the great Hall of the black film. The film more complicated, more difficult, more suffered in my career as a producer getting out from the choir, by choice and by character, with a hundred movies on the rump, many important and beautiful, but also some ugly and useless. It is not up to me, especially here, tell where you place this film, which is certainly nice if between the important or unnecessary. What is certain is that in the great Hall the film got an incredible success. But in thirty-three years of Venetian visitor, will be at least twenty-five years I don’t remember a movie went bad in the great Hall. I saw Boo films and Lynch authors, but in the early 1980s. Then just so many cheers, by shooting the next day in the newspapers if it lasted seven, ten or fifteen minutes. In our case the given spread was 13 minutes. I can only say that the applause lasted really long. And more people applauded, more I ripercorrevo the difficulties and the feelings betrayed. And even unfair acts. Because a film was also made of these committed and sustained. More people applauded, the more I was sweating, I don’t know if the heat, emotion, or perhaps even a hint of happiness. Most people applauded the actors and the Director, plus I tried with others that movie they did together with the Director and actors, I speak of costume designers, sound engineers, Machinists and so on. More people applauded, the more I felt the strong need to take one by one and push them to see secondary actors, those who weren’t at the forefront to take the applause, those who paid for them came from Calabria in Venice to live these moments for them to secure happiness. I do not know how will this movie, but for me the eyes full of tears of joy and excitement of our actors walk-ons will remain one of the most beautiful WINS of my career. Saturday afternoon I returned to Rome, to go to see the first championship game of Rome and especially to tighten me the people I love. A Roman parenthesis of a few hours, then return to shore. Before leaving my son David, the small one, the usual, the shirt and swearing, I was speaking loudly and asked me: "But we may do in Venice?". I answered no. In Venice will continue in the coming days to pursue images and dreams, as much as possible in solitude without spending too many words with others, duty payable on my shyness and my character, perhaps horrendous, which are my weakness but also my strength. And then at the bottom even in a crowded room of fourteen hundred people, watching a movie is a solitary act. What every movie there gifts is hard to express in words with who you listen casually because frem to tell their views. I will try to continue to move me, to understand new things, find things already seen. Because I want to continue making films, we hope that the most beautiful ugly, because movies are an important piece of my life and for devising new I need to confront those already made. How we can define all this, if I work or what, I don’t know. But above all I do not know to explain to a child of seven years. That is why I ask publicly apologize to my son David for not having responded. . You can read this to discover more regarding this amazing subject.

India, man seeks divorce: “my wife forces me to have sex every day”.

Some people have too much, and those who don’t. An Indian man has asked for and got a divorce from his wife because she was "aggressive, domineering and with an insatiable appetite for sex". To establish it was the Mumbai Court. The curious news was spread by the newspaper The Times of India: the man, who preferred to remain anonymous, reported that since the day of the wedding, in 2012, the wife had proved nothing short of impossible to satisfy under the sheets. "I tormented him with incessant demands for sexual performance, even against nature, forcing me to swallow medicines and liquors." The ‘ malcapitatò is then told that sometimes was forced to work overtime hours but that, once back home, rather than a bit of well deserved rest the awaited his wife’s requests, as well as all graded with "threats to go otherwise with other men, without worrying about what this could mean for me". The man resisted as long as he could, but then is literally collapsed and went to a lawyer to initiate a divorce practice. The Mumbai Court judge, after carefully listening to his reasons, he fulfilled his wish. . For extended facts about this subject read

Landtag election in Saxony: AfD brings nine percent, the FDP is out there.

The CDU has clearly won the State election in Saxony, Germany. After the first ARD extrapolation, the party of Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich totaled 39.2 percent of the vote. Compared with the last state election in 2009 she lost so easily, at that time, the CDU had received 40.2 per cent. Tillich, who since 2008, the Government argues, will have to look to but a new coalition partner in Saxony. The former, the FDP, failed on Sunday with around 3.7 or 4.5 percent at the five-percent hurdle. Saxony was the last State in which the FDP still in Government had been involved. The AfD was the first time a Landtag. The party won about 10 percent of the vote with their top candidate Frauke Petry, she competed for the first time. The AfD is arrived with it according to its Chairman Bernd Lucke in the ranks of the established parties in Germany. "This is a great result," Lucke said Sunday on ARD. The indent in the first Parliament of the country show that the AfD had finally arrived in the German party landscape. He can see currently no way to be involved in the Saxon Government but because of the attitude of the CDU. While the Federal CDU only last week had ruled out coalitions with the AfD at the federal level and also in the countries that had at least not explicitly done Tillich in Saxony, Germany. He had suggest however, that he could envision no stable government majority with the AfD. Second strongest force in the State Parliament in Dresden is the left party. With their top candidate Rico Gebhardt she came to 18.9 percent of the vote. This is about a percentage point less than 2009 (20.6 percent). The Deputy party Chairwoman Caren Lay expressed his delighted that succeeded their party, "to keep the CDU below 40%". She also criticized the election date in the middle of the holiday, which led to a historically low voter turnout. Apparently half of voters to the polls had not even gone. 3.4 million people in Saxony were eligible to vote. It became first a low voter turnout. On Friday, the parties had campaigned at their events again for election campaign finally, to go to the election. As German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in Dresden, Germany advocates a high voter turnout, she spoke in front of the Church of our Lady. Merkel praised the development of Saxony and Dresden in her appearance. "For me, the Church of our Lady stays here the symbol for tackling joint in this city", she said. . You should read this to read extra about this great matter.

Fatih Akin with Armenian drama at the Venice Film Festival.

But now the German-Turkish Director Fatih Akin (41) gives you a great public the victims: his highly anticipated feature film the cut premiered Sunday at the Venice Film Festival. A very ambitious project with dramatic images, and yet disappointed the cut many critics. It is this dangerous, forbidden taboo subject, said living in Hamburg filmmaker (against the wall) in an interview for the News Agency dpa in Venice, where his work in the competition. Whenever something is forbidden, I’m wiser. He saw not only the role of the Turks at the time of the expulsions and killings around 1915 critically, but also that of the Germans. Hollywood star Al Pacino still got the much larger cheering on the weekend. The Oscar – winner to the delight of his many fans ran right for two premieres on the red carpet with sunglasses and some zauselig protruding hair. In the competition entry Manglehorn he is in mourning after a lost love, while he is an aging actor in the Philip Roth adaptation shown out of competition the humbling at the end of his career. . Related data can be inspected checking

Creuse: Loan parents admit, the body of baby found in a pond.

Coup de Théâtre Sunday four days after the disappearance of Loan, a four month-old baby to Chénérailles, Creuse. His parents, placed since Saturday night in custody are passed to the confession. On their indications the Mounties discovered the baby’s body in a pond. Loan parents claimed that he had been removed. They had been placed in custody Saturday in the light "inconsistencies and improbabilities" in their discourse, had explained the Attorney of Guéret, Sébastien Farges. The national gendarmerie immediately relayed this information on his Twitter account. The child’s parents were suspected of "kidnapping, sequestration and violence" said Saturday the Prosecutor of the Republic. "I have credible reasons to believe that there are inconsistencies and of improbabilities in the discourse of both parents," said Sébastien Farges. "The chances of finding this evening or in the days that come a child alive, and even just to find the child, are very thin", he added. "I have reasons to believe that the parents were involved in the facts," sued the magistrate, stating that the ‘baby could suffer violence, without knowing who could commit. " Since Wednesday evening, dozens of gendarmes were involved in extensive research, focusing on Chénérailles recreation area, in the East of the Department, where the parents of the small Loan claimed that he was abducted by a stranger, while they were playing bocce. At least two ponds nearby, had passed to the comb by divers, without results. A dog team and a helicopter had also been mobilized. The disappearance of the baby had been reported on 27 August evening at the gendarmerie by the child’s parents. According to their statements, the baby was in a "cosy" type basket, near their vehicle, not far from them, when he was kidnapped by a person whom they could not identify, or continue. . For more facts about this topic check

+++ Ukraine NewsTicker +++: NATO wants to upgrade in Eastern Europe.

The NATO plans according to a newspaper report, five new bases in Eastern Europe. On the bases in the three Baltic States, Poland and Romania, logistics, reconnaissance, and planners should prepare maneuver and lead inserts in the event of an emergency, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, citing a high-ranking NATO officials reported. Details are to be worked out after the NATO Summit in Wales. According to the newspaper, NATO at the meeting will adopt a plan to increase the operational readiness. Russia will is classified as a threat to the Euro-Atlantic security. The plan was in line with assurances of nuclear power before the accession of new members had been given. It is still disputed whether this will also mention, the journal reported. Therefore the Alliance wants to build also a force with about 4,000 men. It can be laid within two to seven days in crisis areas. Chancellor Angela Merkel rules out German arms shipments to the Ukraine despite the escalation of the conflict with Russia. It would give the wrong impression, the conflict can be resolved militarily, Merkel says at the end of the EU Special Summit in Brussels. Germany will provide no weapons anyway, she emphasizes. Merkel but admits differences of opinion within the EU on this point. I can’t speak for everyone here, she says. Previously, Lithuania had demanded arms deliveries to the Ukraine. The European Union wants to decide within a week on additional economic sanctions against Russia. The Summit urged the Commission to make proposals, says EU Summit Chief Herman van Rompuy in Brussels. The Union was prepared in the light of developments in the Ukraine further significant steps on the way to bring, says Van Rompuy, without going into detail. The EU has already imposed economic sanctions. End of July she made among Russian banks to EU financial markets access and prohibited certain high technology exports. German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed Nobody doubted seriously in the circle of EU Heads of State and heads of Government that held a large military commitment in Russia’s border to the Ukraine. When is this condition nothing change, it will To give further sanctions, announces the Chancellor in Brussels. It was scheduled to take people from the District of pro-Russian forces in the region of Donbass on the sanctions list, as this was already done with people of the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea annexed by Russia. The Ukraine contact group meets on Monday in the Belarusian capital Minsk. Representatives from Kiev, Moscow and the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) should participate in the meeting, as communicated by the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Kremlin released a statement, according to which Russian President Wladimir Putin and his Belarusian colleague Alexander Lukaschenko during a telephone conversation the need to emphasize that include representatives from the South-East of Ukraine is to sit at the table. Petro Poroshenko, warns that it threatens to escalate the dispute with pro-Russian rebels in an all-out war. At the EU Summit in Brussels, Poroshenko says that one is Very much close to the point at which there is no turning back. Nevertheless, he hoped that a trilateral meeting of representatives of Ukraine, Russia and the EU could bring a truce on Monday. . Similar information can be read visiting article.

Niña Pastori and the law of the funnel.

A night of 1993 in the room snail Paco de Luc to abstract a vs. the bean the secrets of flamenco in Spanish market to. Here there are thirty thousand fans, there are no m s. Then we demonstrate that that was not necessarily as. Suddenly, a record transferred that border and vend to a lot of disks. It occurred in 1996 to La to Pastori Ni with their first album between two ports. Now that all have forgotten those sales figures are still detected that there is a law of the funnel with the flamenco (flamenco m s or less pure is him to aden diminutives, variations and mixtures). In the or that triunf the Ni to Pastori behind the impact s n T me camelas also n slipped by the funnel the Ketama with their live album, the Camela or the last of the row. You see the picture. The road to recognition and the success is narrow for those who work with the ra ces. Spoke much the Pastori and talk about everything and everyone, from his island of San Fernando, of the r ask that they have passed these to you (almost two d ED) of that is now called is ora. You can see that it’s neither is will you small or. Cant much and well (his style) took a tour by its abundant CDs without make any lease n to their greatest success. The singles industry executives desperately looking to move topics by the funnel of the success. Domingo in ditas compositions as dibujame quickly and record as your disk m s newest has made it next to the Argentine singer Soledad and the Mexican Lila Downs. P public quer m s and I went back out and the staff wasn’t satisfied and such of custom, that forgot the n radar and hear the voices of the singers Sandra and To i-hair and people showed that likes that song. Although some are qued with the desire of that of t me camelas and such. . Inspirational source may be studied reading this link.

World Basketball: the courageous but France beaten by the Brazil.

The France team has posted input limitations in bowing despite all his courage to Brazil (63-65) for his first game of the gentlemen’s Basketball World Cup Saturday in Granada. The blues have shown enormous virtues of Valor and solidarity in defence, but they were not enough to compensate for their lack of size and power within, as well as their lack of rotations. If this defeat mortgage in nothing their chances of qualification for the knockout stages, the European champions will have absolutely need that other players come out of their shell to relieve the duo Boris Diaw another difficult match awaits them Sunday against Serbia, which also has a domestic sector of foreground and rest on two wins against the tricolour. Facing a contender for a place on the podium, the French left on high bases, showing particularly applied in their set of passes in attack and aggressive in defence. After five minutes, they had taken a significant lead (12-3), the Brazil failing to get the ball inside, where his strong point with its NBA Nene Hilario/Tiago Splitter/Anderson Varejao triplette. But the South Americans were quick to react, by tightening their defense in their turn. The offensive game of the Blues gradually became less fluid, despite the energy deployed under the panels by Rudy Gobert. With six losses of bullets and five offensive rebounds in the second quarter, they gave cartridges to the Brazilians, who passed for the first time to thanks Raulzinho Neto (26-24, 18th). In lack of offensive solutions behind their two leaders Diaw and Batum, blues have slowly left the Brazil to distance (40-34, 26th). The Brazilians continued to bombard systematically indoors, Splitter, Nene and Varejao causing damage. Static in attack and clumsy far, blues relied to the one Dickson to resist (46-51, 34th). Still eye-catching in its defence, the French returned to-3 (58-61) at 33 seconds of the end thanks to a Thomas Heurtel rather to his advantage in the last minutes. But they could not give the last kidney to prevail, the last three points from Antoine Diot falling a little late, basket two seconds from the end, Related information can be found clicking site.

Landtag election in Saxony: with whom can govern Tillich?.

Since the turn of the CDU in Saxony is the most powerful force and is the Prime Minister. According to current projections, it will remain so. Stanislaw Tillich may offset 40 percent plus x, this value is stable. The desired partner FDP, but will probably fail at the five percent hurdle. Thus, black and yellow in Saxony (for now) is history. Particular attention lies on the AFD. She should insert a year for the first time after its establishment in a Parliament. In the parliamentary elections, she missed narrowly in the Bundestag, scored even 10 percent at that time Saxony however 6.8 percent, in the European Parliament election. In Saxony, the AFD is actually conservative and liberal economy, with right-wing populist content. Among other things she focuses on the alleged failure of the EU and the refugee movements. The parties also disagree on these points. The CDU wants the assurance of baseload by Brown coal. At the same time, it wants to limit the expansion of renewable energies in Saxony, Germany. The left, however, calls the brown coal phase-out by 2040, the mine should not be expanded. You see the opportunity in renewable energy. The SPD is da same view. Saxony is a low wage country since the change. The infrastructure is improved in parts. The CDU fight against the minimum wage, however, wants to improve the labour market situation by other means: training of the long-term unemployed, higher offer for mothers after maternity and targeted immigration. By 2019, the party wants to improve the transport infrastructure and raise the distance allowance of 30 to 50 cents. . For additional facts about this subject check

I was held in a secret prison in Syria.

They electrocuted me in terms of feet one by one, prisoners were called and taken to the interrogation room. Their cries filled the corridors while they were being tortured. People were wound in their own blood-stained blankets. They beat me with a cable and electrocuted to the feet. They asked me anything specific. They simply accuse me and insult me, and hit me in the face. They wanted me to sign a confession. There was very little food and water and we could not sleep when the guardians allowed us. We then were transferred elsewhere, in Bab Touma, in another place linked to army air intelligence service, then three months later to the military prison of Saydnaya near Damascus. There, they had a system for breaking us. Torture never stopped the food was so inadequate that we had hungry constantly and they gave us only a few clothes so that it was extremely cold. They called me for repeatedly questioning and torture would never cease. They asked me to undress me and they vaporisaient me on cold water. Then the person interrogating walked me over and hit me back and feet. In these difficult times, I thought my three children, my wife, my parents, my friends and the revolutionary movement. Despite my pain, my wounds, diseases, and the fact of being cut off from my family, I could still feel the revolution in me and the enthusiasm to animate me again. The principles that had led me here are the same as those who filled me hope and desire and allowed me to not give up. Released, without understanding why I have been maintained in detention for one year and eight months and I had right to one visit, 22 days before my release. My little brother, Joan, could come and see me for a tour of six minutes. And then, on May 29, 2013, one of the guards came in our cell and told me I was going to be released. I do not believe it, I thought I was going to be executed. The guards have shaved me head and I was certain that I was going to die. But there, they simply made me my business and released me. I do not know why, I was completely incredulous. When I arrived home, at El Qamishli, many people were waiting for me. My friends carried me on their shoulders, they had prepared a feast and I made a speech to the crowd. This has been an extremely important moment for me. I had the impression to be reborn, I took my children and my family in my arms and I was filled with tears of joy. What I saw did gave me a great sense of responsibility; again I gathered my courage and I promised myself that I will devote all my life and I will not forsake my people. Information are again received the Syrian security services regarding the pursuit of my activities then they sent me threats, which prompted my family and my friends to ask me to leave the Syria. I have a debt to my friends and my family for their tireless solidarity. They have not stopped lobbying for my release, to organise demonstrations to ensure that my case is not forgotten. . You should check the following to learn more on this amazing subject.