Airlines can’t control Tel Aviv on Thursday.

A number of major airlines will avoid the Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv on Thursday for security reasons. The Federal Aviation Administration extended the ban for take-offs and landings in Tel Aviv yesterday for all US airlines 24 hours. Reason is the potentially dangerous situation by the ongoing rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. Lufthansa and Air Berlin announced to cancel all flights to and from Tel Aviv scheduled on Thursday. Since yesterday the flights, there is no sufficiently reliable, new information that would justify a resumption of flight operations, Lufthansa informed group. All 20 flights from Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Zurich, Vienna and Brussels to Tel Aviv had been canceled for Thursday. The Lufthansa Group includes Lufthansa, Germanwings, Austrian Airlines, Swiss and Brussels Airlines. The group as well as the rival Air Berlin offered Rebookings and refunds to affected passengers. Air France cancelled all flights to the Ben-Gurion airport until further notice. Also Turkish Airlines canceled flights to Israel scheduled for Thursday. However, British Airways announced to hold on all planned take-offs and landings in Tel Aviv. It changed nothing that recommended all European airlines to fly to Tel Aviv for the time being no longer also the recommendation of the European Agency for air safety (agency EASA). . Root data may be found visiting the following

Of Leyen in Afghanistan: The SideShow.

Of course, all goes well, but what can one rely already in Afghanistan. Again, individual local security forces have shaken confidence in the own species in recent years, because they attacked suddenly and abruptly international troops. A residual risk remains also on Wednesday, the German Defense Ministry officials know that. There are things that you do that anyway, it just means. So the visit of the Affairs is above all a demonstration of what should work well after the day of X. Or better: must work. Also all that resolute support by 2015 aims to contribute the Bundeswehr after the combat in the follow-up mission includes in addition to the already trained Afghan security forces. For example the pioneering education: on Wednesday morning, squeezing of the Leyen in Mazar i-Sharif in a lead vest and flies with a military helicopter CH53 a good quarter of an hour in the neighboring camp Shaheen. The finished new building for up to 1000 young pioneers is on-site. The pride and joy of the Bundeswehr. Welders, plumbers and Masons are trained here, declared a Lieutenant Colonel. Real pioneers just. Instead of Plumbers and bricklayers, packaged furniture looks of the Leyen however only in plastic wrap. It is only just finished everything. You silently rushes through the building. Already in operation the hospital on the site is built, however, also with Western expertise. Of Leyen looks from room to room, as a trained doctor it feels noticeably in hospitals. She studied at the bedside of the injured – even the x-rays of some injured Afghans as she was attending and not the Minister of Defense. Back in Mazar i-Sharif following a briefing on the security situation and the mandatory visit to the honor Grove of the fallen soldiers of the Bundeswehr. Only in the press statement, the Minister of Defense notes that there are far more critical conflicts in these days in the world with the Ukraine, the Middle East and the Iraq than in Afghanistan. As in Afghanistan, not all problems are solved. The overall planning of the training mission depends on the successful formation of the Government. And an agreement that guarantees security to the international forces – it must be signed by the new President. Just in recent weeks, the era after the incumbent President Hamid Karzai is initiated? It is good that both want to sign the agreement, said von der Leyen to the adjourned game. It is a statement that painstakingly seeking progress in Afghanistan. And be reminded that in Afghanistan only in the next few months decides whether the use has been a lost. Or not. . For additional insights regarding this matter click hyperlink.

Russia today – the peculiar MH17 route.

The independent investigation: Not only the Ukraine accuses the rebels of have – denied experts access to the crash site but also the independent observers of the OSCE. RT simply turn these accusations. The sender writes: "Decided after long days of waiting, where international experts not from Kiev, made it to investigate the site, and on which the temperature reached over 30 degrees Celsius, the self-defense forces, to pick up the corpses are decomposing and to bring in a refrigerated train." The route of the aircraft: Short reported RT after the accident, flight MH17 have changed in the short run its course on statement by Ukrainian air traffic controllers. This claim was later rejected by Malaysia Airlines. Nevertheless, the allegations in the article remain largely. The accident route was deviated more than 200 kilometers from the original route. "And she led the plane just above the war-torn region of Donetsk." What is RT derived these 200 kilometres, is equally unclear as the question of what to do to have the slightly modified route with the launch. The flight data page on the RT relies, not bases his assertion nor flightradar24 anyway. And also this flight corridor was identified by international authorities as safe. The RT line but is clear: even if the separatists should have fired the rocket, not she meets the real blame, but those who were responsible for the course of the Boeing 777. And the blame for this, that the region is "war-torn", which the separatists nor Russia – to refer to another article. The Spanish air traffic controllers: Who has no answers, questions – and thus those under pressure, these questions are asked. To RT. On the evening of 18 July, about RT published a list of ten questions to the Ukraine, including: "how commented Kiev reports in social media, apparently by a Spanish air traffic controllers working in the Ukraine, that flew two Ukrainian fighter jets as well as the Boeing 777 over Ukrainian territory?" This message applied actually in Russian networks contained no facts except for the crash. Twitter account it emerged later as a fake, writes "Foreign Policy". It is clear: the question of guilt in case of disaster to MH17 is unclear. Doubts are attached in an independent coverage – doubts that but just not there at RT. Between the lines is the question of guilt manifests sent already answered. "What they are doing is a very clever, ingenious way to manipulate reality," ex-employee Firth said on Monday. "With regard to the Ukraine taking a small part of the much larger story torn totally out of context, and which then goes to the public, is absolute false information". Main data can be studied clicking this

Africa of South/USW strike: Union Numsa examines a new offer.

South African Steelworkers Numsa will submit to its members a new offer from employers to end the strike affecting the steel industry and mechanical engineering since July 1, he said Tuesday evening. The final decision of the Union concerning the Regulation (proposed by employers) will be communicated when we have received a mandate from our members. A number of general meetings will be organized these next two days to submit the bid, said Numsa in a statement, adding that its central Committee would meet then in time to make the point. Under pressure from the Government, the employer federation Seifsa indicated that it had improved its offer reluctantly, now offering a salary increase of 10% per year over three years for the lowest-paid workers. Inflation is currently slightly more than 6% in South Africa, and is expected to decrease slightly in 2015 and 2016. NUMSA had informed on 13 July that he was ready to put an end to the strike if he obtained an increase of 10% for one year, or at least 10% per year over the three years if employers wishes to a three-year agreement. Seifsa requires a three-year agreement as is customary in South Africa, in order to avoid a new strike starting next year. The employers federation however rejected a Government proposal that would allow to renegotiate the agreement’s branch at the level of enterprises. The employers ‘ organisation Neasa, who represents mostly SMEs, described suicide Seifsa wage proposal, and is in is disconnected, indicating that it would not go away 8% increase. Except for a wage increase, Numsa calls for an increase in housing allowances and the end of the use of the interim. NUMSA, the largest Union of South Africa, said embedded 220. more than 10 000 workers. 000 companies in its strike, affecting also other private parts, as in automotive companies. The movement, interspersed with numerous cases of violence and intimidation, despair investors, while South Africa out of five months of a very hard strike of the miners of Platinum which was widely made responsible for a GDP contraction of 0.6% in the first quarter, and has contributed to the degradation of the financial rating of the country. . You must check the following to read extra regarding this great matter.

6, Apple iPhone orders 80 million photos.

According to what has been learnt dalWall Street Journal, production is expected to be completed by December, outperforming not just the record set last year by providing approximately 60 million iPhones 5s and 5 c. Behind the order forwarded to Chinese manufacturers, in short, you hide the great confidence in consumers ‘ expectations for the new iPhone. The 70-80 million iPhones would cover 6 altogether both models in Launchpad 4.7 and 5.5 inches by, since they are not leaked rumors on unbundled digits. But according to reports from the property tycoon Rupert Murdoch, Apple would require manufacturers of components to make stocks to produce up to 120 million units. On the other hand, the extent of the development plans of the Californian giant had given the same Tim Cook in San Francisco, during the last Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) of last June. On that occasion, the Apple CEO had confirmed the quota exceeded 500 million iPhones sold worldwide. Certainly though Cupertino expects a strong market demand for new smartphones, because of renewed design that will bring the new model to competitors by becoming more "cumbersome" as the Samsung S. A concession on the size of the display, which according to analysts could convince consumers and lead to a leap between 15% and 20% year-over-year sales, as opposed to 2013. The production of iPhone from well 5. 5 inches should start at the end of August, with a launch planned in the market but could slip at the end of the year landed on the shelves of the larger model, with the risk to move the model output by 4. 7 inches. According to the WSJ, the delays there may be complications sprung up precisely because of the development of the display. Complications that ultimately could push Cupertino to delay the launch of both models until after the beginning of next year. But for now the operations in September seem to view matches in style. With the approach of a month by getting very hot in optics announcements and new product launches Apple, Foxconn, Pegatron, two Chinese companies who work on behalf of Cupertino, they began to hire tens of thousands of workers. A sign of how the Silicon Valley company expects to break even in China and Asia, despite the results collected so far. According to the latest data available, in the second quarter of 2014 sales of devices using the operating system Apple’s iOs would have represented 14.7% of the total in China, outnumbered by Android devices with 82.7% of market share. It didn’t go better in Italy, where in may testified Android at 75.5%, compared with 12.5% of systems running on iOs. In Asia it is the Japan to represent the exception, since Apple triumphs among the Japanese with 51.7% versus 47% of Android. But in general the huge Asian market is seen as a potential hen lays the golden eggs, even as countries like China mobile traffic has now surpassed that from home, confirming a trend in rapid development in Italy. The trend, however, remains important to the Chinese giant, because by the time China represents the largest market for web access for owners of smartphones. According to the latest data from the China Internet Network Information Center, at the end of June in China were 632 million active users, and 83.4% of them confessed to access the network in mobility. In short, numbers far compatible with the tens of millions of pieces coming up for the newest iPhone 6. . You should visit this to discover more about this amazing subject.

About 1,000 immigrants try to a new leap into the fence in Melilla.

Enough of this please, electrifiquen the fence unless it involves danger as fences for cattle and return heat to the invaders. They are measures more than generous to an aggressive intruder. Yesterday, in a train of high speed in Germany, control requests the tickets, is them is, beside a subsaha,, with classic shoes brand and high price and cell. Answer smiling sobradoramente: I do not have, the guardian tells him if he has money documents? No, he answers with the same smile. They warn you that they lowered it at the next station and called the police, he shrugs. Know that not the report and in a few hours will be on the next train until you pass another control. By that when they pass the fence, first thing they do is the classic manga to the police court, they know that it will have to feed, subsidize, wetc etc etc. . For more on this subject visit

Conflict between Israel and Hamas: what ended the war in the Gaza Strip.

Dead children on the beach, dead bodies on the streets, families who wander on the run – the war in the Gaza Strip produced images that shake up and pushing for action. So it is good news that President Barack Obama now calls for an immediate end to the fighting and sent his Secretary of State John Kerry in the region. There, Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations in the negotiating fever is already. It belongs to the complicated basic constellations in this conflict, that it isn’t in the periodic wars about Gaza to victory or defeat. It’s about restoring a fragile balance. Of course, a military power like Israel, which is equipped with American billions AIDS with modern weapons, could defeat the foot soldiers of Hamas – if not in the coup, then at least in tough fights. The price of this however would be high: the Gaza Strip should be filled in the long term, a permanent unresolved guerrilla war would have to be reckoned with. That is not in the Israeli interest. . For more facts regarding this matter read

German student Josef S.: guilty for lack of evidence.

Josef S., 23, student of in material sciences, served half a year in Austria in pre-trial detention, now he is freed. His mother is still shocked: was rarely so bad, she says. Because her son is not acquitted, but been found guilty; sentenced to twelve months in prison for disturbing the peace, attempted aggravated assault and serious property damage judges and lay judges see it at the Vienna Criminal Court proved, that Joseph S. during the protests against the Vienna Ball of academics has fueled the black bloc as the ringleader in January, attacked police, and threw a glass. He arrives Tuesday evening just out of jail, because eight months imprisonment for due to be explained, which means as much as exposed to the probation. The four remaining months unconditional considered sat down by the pre-trial detention. The officials involved in contradictions? The judge says explainable errors. The statements of the officials do not cover with which his colleagues? Better than if they had denied himself, the judge said. The defendant can be seen on any of the numerous photos and videos for offences? Well, that we don’t live in a police state, where everything is recorded, the judge says. A reviewer finds powder burns by a Bengalo or firecrackers on the right glove of Josef S., but he is left-handed? Nothing has to mean the judge says the traces on the other glove could be been washed off. In the judgment the judge strives, as he himself says, to formulate less polemically, content he joins the public prosecutor however. Josef S. did not peacefully to demonstrate that he was not only get into the riots. One that wants to have nothing to do, turns around and goes, the judge says. Joseph S. and his defenders want to decide in the coming days whether they appeal. His mother would prefer with him back to Jena shut immediately: I have no interest in letting him even a minute longer in this country. You longs for peace and relaxation. . Related data can be found visiting hyperlink.

Why so much passion on Gaza, so little for the Syria?

Since the beginning of the Israeli offensive in Gaza – first air, then land – position outlets and gatherings are increasing in France. Each is in his opinion, from its nuance, chooses its vocabulary based on its affinities, feels capable of emitting not even a judgment to the punch to be on the front line. In talking to the Café, at work, in the family, on the Internet. Most often, our readers identify more with civilians of Gaza to the Israelis threatened by rockets. Because this war is uneven and they took spontaneously to the lowest. For four decades, scientific, media and political actors have promoted, in a conscious manner for some, unconscious for other forms of ethnicization of the religious. One of the consequences is to identify increased to "causes" which the most remarkable is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, the situation is much more complex. In 1947-1948, three States were founded on a confessional basis: Israel (Judaism), Pakistan (islam) and Ceylon became Sri Lanka (Buddhism), none of them has been stability since,. and no responsible for these States could base the plan on equality between citizens.  ""The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is surmédiatisé because it brings together several very unique factors. It is a conflict that has lasted sixty-five years and who registers as a colonial while the 20th century was the century of decolonization. Thus it crystallizes many issues, sometimes symbolic, between North and South (and East and West, with the religious component of this conflict, even if it is of a political nature). The war in Syria, much more recent, is not within the same dynamic: it does not meet the anti-imperialist grid, there is neither working nor occupied: it’s a civil war within the same nation and it seems, especially for the less broken geopolitical analysis, more complex to distinguish each of the belligerents.  ’ ‘ What is happening in Gaza affects us perhaps more because there is a feeling of a martyr, trapped people in a very small territory. ". One has the feeling of an evil people heard by Western nations, who deal unfairly with a legitimate claim to have a State – as was legitimate the creation of Israel. SE registry also behind this conflict strong opposition between a Western world, course of its values and its strength, and Arab and Muslim peoples who are opposed to this Western world varied and various forms because they do not find in the model that we represent what they are looking for.  "When the Oslo accords and the creation of a Palestinian State have realized, Hamas came to"play"the role of extremist terrorism and continued to represent the bread blessed for the media treatment, like the photos of the dead in Gaza or the terror in Tel Aviv and Haifa. . Original facts can be found reading this resource.

The Russia of Vladimir Putin cancels daylight (VIDEO).

Cancelled the Medvedev’s revolution: with the signature of President Putin by 26 October in Russia will change to standard time and in the spring there will be no change. In the boundless territory of Russia comes the standard time throughout the year. President Vladimir Putin has signed a law today that will clear daylight. From next October 26 the Putin’s Russia will be permanent solar time that in spring the clock should not be moved. For most of the republics, regions and Russian Governments, will bring back an hour the clock and then leave them there forever. Some Russian territories, however, have decided to use the right to dispose themselves in this regard. With the Bill signed today by Putin is in fact cancelled what was the revolution of old Russian President, Dmitri Medvedev. Between 2010 and 2011 Medvedev had decided to revoke the regime of solar and legal time and was passed to the only legal timetable. A choice, that of the former President, who at the time was appreciated by most of the population (the 73%) but that over time had created some doubts. At the end of 2013, in fact, only 32% of the population remained convinced that Medvedev’s move to the only legal time was a good idea. This mainly because so many people had ended up with mornings too dark, especially in winter. A condition that had created strong discontentment among the Russian population. The law signed by Putin that clear daylight in recent days had already been passed by the Duma with 442 votes to about 450 members. The new measure also increases the number of time zones on the territory of the Federation: from nine, go now to eleven. . Inspirational source could be found reading this source.