Sarkozy 2017, what for?

If he lived today, the count of Monte-Cristo would be t te surveys. The French love the stories of revenants, the reversals of fate and the revanchist sagas. They like very, silients, the puncture-proof r opini. They have admir Fran ois Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac, read pr residents after two failures. They have appr Lionel Jospin, ray of the political map in 1993 and leader of the majority in 1997. They applauded Nicolas Sarkozy, hu by her family in 1995 and pl biscit with my 2002 s d m. They have honor Holland, released carbonis of PS in 2008 and capable of rena tre from the ashes in 2011. However, this addictive passion for endless stories that seem to suspend time, is toxic to the country. E adding the disastrous libert retain libi tum mandates most ad, it is blocking the renewal of the diles. Today, Nicolas Sarkozy if appr offer you readers a new chapter in the great book of the risen sde policy. The tornado that will shake the UMP, the upheaval that awaits the opposition and revenge that threatens Holland r enjoy commentators, spectators and Gladiators of the d democratic circus games; until the leaders of the majority, eager to see the public curiosit is d turn of its depravity, the left unite against an opponent identifi and President in-office required to transcend. Yet, this so well put back in sc not is good news for anyone. It is not for the UMP, which will go from the civil war to the potentate. It is not for all of the right, unable to invent its future. It is not for the left, powerless expulsion an as opponent. It is not for the centre, avoid the status of vassal unfit. It is no more for Nicolas Sarkozy himself, which is r Ed use and ends up patch. He should take the height and returned by the casement of the party. He wanted to save the France and must deal with Bygmalion! this return, finally, is not good news for the country. Moreover, the French consider it: pl biscitaire DIN and Pavlovian activists UMP can cover the thundering silence of the General skepticism. Readers are r tifs for three reasons. First, they do not believe that this man has chang – gold they cong di for what it was more for what it was. Then, they have nothing read under his pen or heard in his voice, for two years, which is more concerned with interests of the country as his own. Finally, they know that r deep forms are necessary, and are too little in the balance sheet of the previous quinquennium. Bolder that brave, Nicolas Sarkozy wants to take the UMP, but has not yet said what he wanted to do. The question: A return, what for? It needs however oppose the faster r pr specific answers. Talk to return e t n t pr f Maple nevertheless return to speak, because, for a people, let the b n benefit of the doubt those who want to lead is a big risk. If the drunkenness of the revenge does not grey, Nicolas Sarkozy r will conduct may be, in case of victory the 2017 residential pr, it is re – lu, and lu r, and remains therefore a fallible President pr. But today, in the class political t e tanis by this return of the the of Elba, person does is l vera to bring in an iron cage. Because nobody is able for the moment, and because that Nicolas Sarkozy, even more in 2012, is its own prison. � . Related information can be inspected checking blog.

New law: Saleh wants to attract care of dependents.

Workers who have an acute care case in close relationship, can expect from next year with more assistance in the Organization of care. Then care and professional should apply according to the will of family Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD) the new law to better reconciliation of family. It provides paid short block exemption and part-time work. The first stage of the care reform advised in the Bundestag to begin in January after the care provider should receive better services, more money and patients and the nursing contribution to 0.3 percentage points to increase. The reform Schwesig wants to make it with workers attractive to take care of themselves to the care of dependents. More than half of all professionals consider it desirable. But succeed many professionals agree both hardly. An argument for family care is missing in the paper: in view of the increasing number of 2.67 million today care and associated costs in the institutionalization, it’s cheaper to maintain family members at home. A third of care patients is provided in homes. . Additional facts can be read checking

Scotland: Cameron, Salmond and rebus that await.

It probably will not know until tomorrow, late morning, who won. But by then, the two men met their staff, turns computers and thought frantically to the three questions still unresolved to which they will immediately face and who control their ability to enter the duration a victory that everyone agrees to predict,. on the wire. Salmond claims to remain in NATO but rejects nuclear for the port of Faslane which employs dozens of subcontractors. Last but not least, Salmond claims to quickly join the European union. Fearing a precedent that could inspire the Catalonia, the Spain twisted nose. How to get a quick accession without a very long renegotiation? Not easy. Favourite of polls, despite a campaign without relief and without empathy, No thanks has not lost hope to prevail. But in this case, David Cameron will be him also faces a triple challenge. With a possibly narrow victory which will give wings to the separatists, how to turn off their request for a new referendum,. in three or four years? The devomax – of maximum evolution to which it has already consented (in agreement with the Labour and Liberal Democrats) is not the taste of his own party. . For more facts on this topic check

How to fight against the drift of the sprawling files of the police?

An argument against this d j s tr cry d file. Th theory, Stic – which merged in 2013 with the Judex, its gendarmerie equivalent, to become the Taj – must clear sheets of people perform, relax are or subject to no further action. However, according to a 2009 report of the National Commission on computing and liberties, penalty 5 10% of these positive measures are transmitted: fich people stay so always put in causeaux eyes of the police. Despite efforts d ploy to refresh the file – including for minors – the delay is such that it is almost impossible to catch up. Because the Taj is sprawling: more than 12 million people are r United es. Firstly, the mis en cause – soup onn s of having committed an offence – and on the other hand, the victims. There is indeed a real problem me tracking on this software, confirms Patrice Ribeiro, Secretary General of the Synergie police Union. If a person is definitively fulfilled e, it should not be included in the file. But it must not fall into the s exc. Some people are very regular particularly questioned – in flights or fights, for example – but can never prove their involvement. Must keep a trace. Is not file the entire population, but we need a basis for investigations tes. To come into compliance, a new software – e Cassiop – is being be ploy. Main advantage: the donn es departments of the Interior and Justice will be pooled and allow an automatic update. Because until pr feels m thode was archa that: floors were sending decisions of justice by courier to the police who then had to manually enter. The new software should no longer pose a problem to the new folders but for old files s import of the Taj, the question remains the m me, ensures Christophe Soullez. Optimism that temp re the Union official. Th theory, it should no longer be any problem me follow-up, but it has a habit of s difficult to put in place. Does not claim victory too t t. R response – if the online does not delay – the end of the year. � . For extra on this subject visit

Infanticide of Berck: the troubling explanations of the mother.

According to information from the Paris this Thursday, September 18, the first psychological and psychiatric expertise Fabienne Kabou has been concluded in the absence of mental and psychic pathology. But nevertheless, the experts felt that his judgment was altered when the facts. That has since been viewed by other experts whose results are expected also delivered disturbing confessions, in late December, the investigating judge. She described this time where she is on the beach, his daughter in arms: I stand, I the greenhouse against me and then there, I don’t know, I say no, no, no, quit not to say no, I do not know why. I cry, and as if I was saying to someone, I can’t do a thing like that, but I do also reported daily. She says have been the object of an external force against whom she tried to resist. As if it were prey to this thing that the guiding and holding his hand now also explains his counsel on a daily basis. That night, only the Moon illuminates the beach. It is as if there was a spotlight pointed at me who was guiding me because there was darkness continued the mother of Adelaide.  She then see the scum. I had to ask Ada to 5 m, 2 m, in any case, she had to be buried immediately. (. . . ) I talked to him, I asked forgiveness. (. . . ) I do not know how long I stayed there, to ask forgiveness, to speak to him and then I turned the heels and I ran can be also read in Le Parisien. . You should click the following to learn extra about this interesting subject.

The twins of scores between two couples heterologous.

husband will be giving away his semen, the other lady will donate one oocyte. And embryos that will form will grow in my tummy and into that of the woman who does not know, nor ever will, but I know pain and fear, distress and willpower. We are two couples where one partner is sterile, exchanging the gametes will be able finally to become parents. Our children will be genetically twins, although maybe not ever will. Paola, of 37 years, Rimini is concrete and calm while talks about the road that leads to the child who dreams of that first heterologous fertilization crossed that should take place in just over a month at the Catholic hospital. In reproductive physiology Department headed by professor Carlo Bullies where every year there are 900 cycles of artificial insemination. My husband and I have tried for years Alexander to have children, nothing. Every month was a disappointment and so eventually we moved on to medicine to start hoping. After four failed attempts at artificial insemination in private structures, to more than 4,000 euros each, came the judgment, the pain, the end of illusions. I found to be sterile, in early menopause while my husband exams were practically perfect. The donation of egg cells, heterologous fertilization in short, for us it was the only way. We fortunately don’t have economic problems, unlike people who have had to seek loans to go to foreign countries to make the heterologous in order to squeeze the arms a baby. But to take away from any idea of travel and trip came shortly after the judgment of the Council. So we moved right away, we went to the hospital in Cattolica to understand if and when it was possible to receive a donation of oocytes. Among the various solutions faster, like the times, is the one that we chose. There is a pair that has the same problem, but in their case it is sterile and she no. By combining our strengths and weaknesses, exchanging the gametes, we can perhaps have a family, the son we desire. I say maybe because it seems too good to be true, because after so many disappointments I go with feet of lead. The idea that there is support among people who live and suffer from the same problem, thought that it is an act of mutual generosity, at par. Because I know very well what the other couple has passed and is passing, I know well the swing of hopes and disappointments. The desire that grows and you feel a wall in front of to overcome. And I know that she and her husband feel the same things, have experienced the same ordeal before taking the final decision, before calling to medicine. Absolutely not, nor never see them unless they change the laws. There we will meet on the day of the levies nor that of the system and certainly not even for childbirth, even if it was the same day as they are of another region though I don’t know which one. Is the first thing I thought when I have proposed, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with that because the children are those who grows, the genetic code is not so important. And then all the children of the heterologous, even those who were born from a simple donation, will have any brother or sister in the world, someone with the same genetic code. No, maybe I’d be curious to see one day that little boy or girl if resembles mine. Yes, although frankly I do not know when. I hope, when they will be able to understand, to be able to find the right words to explain that was born of an act of love, which was much desired or as desired. This is the important thing. I am convinced of one thing: it’s a right to know if it will not be easy for me to talk about it. And I confess, I don’t know if I would say that either met the donor and genetic brother. For now there is no problem because the law says that the donor is anonymous and secret. I struggle to think so far, are still taken by the things of today, between the exams to do, the idea of the intervention, the hope that this time everything functions. But if your child once born they want, I’ll agree. And of course my husband thinks like me. We shared everything, these years of pain, of frustration, of failed attempts and now hope. No, this just I think not. The affection, I see all the families I know, builds day by day being together, laughing and fighting, doing homework and going along with the rides. Kids feel like their parents who is next, maybe sgridandoli but being there, for good or ill. Present every day, since you refuse to get out of bed to go to school when teenagers pull late on the computer and don’t want it to go to sleep. Yes, that’s why I would feel threatened if someday were to know the woman who helped him to come to the world. How should not be afraid even you, which in turn will be tight in the arms and raised with tenderness and love a child born thanks to my husband. . Root data could be found reading this

See-Csm during the negotiation the affected Brancher reappears in Parliament.

And eventually mark even Aldo Brancher. Wednesday, between the 11th and the 12th black smoke for the election of two judges of constitutional and as many lay members of the Csm, the former Under-Secretary of three Governments Berlusconi, sentenced on appeal to false accounting and illegal financing of political parties at the time of Tangentopoli and then via definitica to two years in investigation of Gianpiero Fiorani climbing to Banca Antonveneta, was spotted on the sofas of the ocean liner. As reported by the Messaggerol ‘ appearance of former Fininvest that after ripping of 1994 did bring Silvio Berlusconi and Umberto Bossi lends itself to different readings. A speech from "pontiere" between Italy and Force the League to promote the election to the See of previtiano Donato Bruno and Cmhc Fi Senator Pierantonio Doni? Or the affected Brancher, which in 2010 was Minister for 17 days, just long enough to invoke the legal impediment in the process for the Antonveneta case (later the Parliament of Slovakia), heat engines for a nomination, perhaps at the Csm? "You never know, in General madness", noted Roman newspaper. Certainly it should be noted that according to the interrogations of Gianpiero Fiorani, deemed "reliable" by the Supreme Court in its judgment in the 2011 40136, the former Pauline priest who was selling advertising for Famiglia Cristiana, a past life in Fininvest, in February-March 2005 asked the banker 200 thousand euros to turn even to today’s Senate Vice-President Roberto Calderoli for campaign expenses.  The position of the father of Patricia_917 and Rapporteur for the constitutional reform under Renzi-Berlusconi was filed because Brancher never arrived, confirmed that "the existence of the subdivision agreement stemmed only from the statements by Mr Brancher referred by Fiorani". Faucher said that the envelope with the 200 thousand euro the retired Brancher in Office of Fiorani and Calderoli was waiting for him in another room. . Extended data can be read checking

Financing: SMEs waive ask incentives to invest.

Many French SMEs waive ask aid public to invest, lack of time, fear a discount in their allocation issue or because of their complexity, according to a study. Out of more than 5. 700 SMEs interviewed by the Sogedev, company that helps companies in their search for public funding, only 15% of respondents use state aid to finance their investments, compared with 18% in the study of the previous year. Companies prefer to turn first to their own funds (for 40% of them) and bank loans (for one-third of them), notes the study. The SMEs interviewed does not benefit from investment aid estimate for 27%, that lack of time is a brake on the implementation of assistance, while 25% fear a subsequent questioning of the funding, for example during a tax audit. Others evoke the complexity of AIDS, the excessive number of organisms or their ignorance of existing devices. However, many devices of public funding, in the image of the 6. territorial AIDS, are at their fingertips to support their growth, but also to relieve a financial risk on projects development qu? they would not dare to start, lack of secure budgets invested, says Sogedev. The Bill on administrative simplification, under discussion in Parliament, includes to simplify aid devices, businesses and aid application forms she recalls. Other types of State aid are most popular: 22% of the surveyed SMEs have thus already used aid for their development at the international and more than half, assistance to innovation. In the latter area, the tax credit research (CIR), which allows to recover up to 30% of its expenditure of R & D, is the most popular: 48% of respondents having already used a l assistance? innovation already benefited (alone or combined with other aid), stresses Sogedev. Each year, nearly 65 billion d? euros d? public aid are granted to companies, said the company. The Government spoke Monday several avenues to revive the business investment, highlighting in particular the need of finding alternative funding to bank loans and to ensure that public aid more effective leverage. Sogedev completed his study from an online questionnaire sent to 5. 000 SMEs and supplemented by 760 surveyed between July and August 2014. . Additional information can be read checking

Ukraine: Moscow supports political concessions from Kiev the pro-Russian rebels.

The Russia brought Wednesday his support to political solutions of Ukrainian president to achieve a peace with the pro-Russian rebels in the East of Ukraine, where violations of the ceasefire have claimed new victims. Support of Moscow to the gestures of openness made by president Petro Poroshenko in the direction of the separatists is however to be considered with caution, both Russian president Vladimir Poutine blew hot and cold in the past, praise the initiatives of Kiev while bringing, according to Western military aid to the insurgents. Conciliatory statements from Moscow intervened after five months of a conflict which has led to a deterioration without precedent since the end of the USSR of the relations between the Russia and the West. They occur also on the eve of a visit by the head of Ukrainian State in Washington, his first since coming to power in May. For the time being, Donetsk and Lugansk, separatists who are demanding their independence, have ignored concessions from Kiev: organisation of elections in December, greater autonomy for three years and amnesty under conditions for persons who had fought in the separatist region. The Union European, for which these bills voted Tuesday by the members constitute important steps in the search for a lasting political solution, urged Wednesday the Russia and the separatists to do their part of the path in Minsk, there are almost two weeks, namely the withdrawal of illegal armed groups, military equipment, fighters and mercenaries and the establishment of a viable of the Russian-Ukrainian border control. Moscow, under Western economic sanctions for infringement of the sovereignty of the Ukraine, has always denied any role in this conflict. -Protocol of Minsk – The Russia considers the set of concessions from Kiev as a step in the right direction which lays the groundwork for the start of a dialogue aimed at contributing to national reconciliation in Ukraine, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Visit to Addis Ababa, the head of Russian diplomacy Sergey Lavrov also felt that the ceasefire was holding despite regular violations it had awarded to the Ukrainian army, according to the Russian Agency Ria Novosti. The provisions endorsed by the Ukrainian Parliament are at the heart of twelve-point memorandum of understanding signed on September 5 in the capital Belarusian between Kiev and the rebels, of which the first was the entry into force of the truce, which remains fragile, even illusory, in several places in the Donetsk region. This document aims to put an end to a conflict that was nearly 2. 900 deaths in Ukraine, former Soviet Republic coming to ratify a landmark agreement of association with the European Union, concretizing its remoteness from the Russian fold. Presented by Mr. Porochenko, the draft law on the special status provides for the Organization of elections on 7 December at the level of districts, municipal councils, councils of villages on a part of the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The text also ensures the population of Donbass the free use of Russian in the public sector, which also welcomed Moscow. The leaders of the rebels, not to mention a single voice, have all refused to be by Kiev dictate the terms of peace, while two of their representatives signed the Protocol of Minsk, alongside representatives of the Russia, the Ukraine and the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Thus, the Prime Minister of the people’s Republic of Donetsk, Alexandre Zakhartchenko, said Wednesday that the separatists refused the organisation of elections by Kiev. We have our own supreme Council and we will decide what elections organize and on what date, he said. One of the leaders of the people’s Republic of Donetsk, the Deputy Minister Andreï Pourguine, reacted to warm to the vote by the Ukrainian Parliament of bills stating told AFP that Europe no longer had nothing to do with the Ukraine. -Two civilians killed in Donetsk-A Kiev, where the pre-election period full swing before the legislative elections of October 26, some political parties analyzed the situation with the greatest circumspection. Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko gave the tone of his campaign with a warning that it is of the Ukraine would now be under the total control of the Russian army and terrorists funded, supported and sent to Ukraine on order of Vladimir Poutine. On the front of violence, two civilians were killed by artillery fire in Donetsk, according to the Mayor of this city, where bombings are raging for several days in the vicinity of the airport controlled by the army. On the diplomatic level, Ukrainian president, visited Ottawa on the eve of his visit to the United States, during which Mr. Porochenko chercheraa get a special status to ally member of the Atlantic organization. The president of Ukraine asked Canada to help build strong ties with NATO: I really count on your support, he said in Parliament in Ottawa. . For more facts regarding this topic read

Scotland’s premier Salmond: Robert the Bruce or James IV.?.

A year later Salmond was kicked briefly with other party members for radical views from the party. But Salmond battled back and took over the party leadership entered 2007 with a minority Government as the first Parliament in Edinburgh Minister. Peter Kellner, President of YouGov, opinion Research Institute holds Salmond for the most talented political campaign leaders across the country: If one can have success with the history of independence, Salmond then. And Fraser Nelson, editor in Chief of the spectator thinks even Salmond was one of the most talented politicians throughout Europe. Today it is also decide what will be in the history books about Salmond once. His predecessor as leader of the SNP, Gordon Wilson, sees there already two important historical role models: if he wins, he will be the new Robert the Bruce who defeated the English at the battle of Bannockburn in 1314. In the case of the defeat only James left the fourth. 200 years ago, he lost his life in the fight against the English at the battle of Flodden. . For additional information regarding this subject check